Tuesday, May 27, 2008

latest update

it has been awhile since i last posted, things are a little busy but i think i am adjusting well. Today is the first day that i have woken up and not been totally exhausted and sleep wasn't that great last night, Hayden was pretty restless throughout the night for some reason or another. Maybe i am just getting used to the sleep deprivavtion which isn't bad by any means. Last week our good friend Amanda came by and took AWESOME pics of the kids and mostly of Hayden if you look on the link to her blog you can see them, she has three posts of pictures that just rock. She should be a professional photographer. This past weekend we didn't do too much other than going to my mom's and going to a wedding on Saturday. This coming w eek is the Dora and Diego show that the kids have been so excited for i can't wait to take them, i think we will be taking Hayden also. today i need to get my mom's bday gift which is today, Happy Birthday Mom, and drop some stuff off at Salvation Army that i have had in my car since the 5th of May.
The pictures are of Hayden obviously, the kids at Swansea Firemen's picninc, they love rides which we love picnics so that will be a small fortune this summer, and of Emma from Lindsey's playdate last week. There was 18 kids there and only four moms, eight kids were from Tina who has 4 year old sextuplets and two older girls, i have four, and Lindsey and Pam's triplets, anyway Lindsey so nicely provided dessert to 18 kids that were RED elmo cupcakes, it was crazy but the kids sure loved them. off to get ready for the day. i can't wait to get back to the gym but i have three more weeks before i will go, i can't put Hayden in there till he is six weeks and my incision is kinda feeling funny, i think it is just healing but i don't want to push it. Who knows i may get up at 6am and go but the kids LOVE going to the gym, i think it helps break up their day.


Stephanie said...

Cute pictures, that cupcake looks yummy!!!

Mom's monkeys said...

Wow the pictures your friend took are AWESOME. You have a beautiful family. People don't believe me when I tell them how quiet it was at Lindsey's house with 18 kids in one area. Can't wait to get together again for another playdate. Thanks for sharing your photos.