Saturday, May 10, 2008

a little update

ohh two posts in one day and our newest addition is only four days old. Can i just say i am utterly in love with my precious baby boy, i was worried how could i ever love another one as much as i love the triplets but the moment they placed him in my arms love was there, i do look a little under the weather in this picture, right before i tossed my cookies into the gift bag that Cathy had brought. Hayden is absolutely perfect, he is very jaundiced and that started before he was 24 hours old so we go back tomorrow for a follow up hopefully he won't have to go under lights at the hospital. He still looks really jaundiced and isn't pooping the way he should be for, trust me i know what he should be doing with a level that is elevated, this is one time i am hoping for blow out diapers. He is breastfeeding wonderfully and i did give him some formula last night since he was sleepy and didn't want to nurse well for a couple of hours, today the boy is a pig and i think he has been attached to me most of the day. My recovery is going okay, i think i am overexerting a little, today we walked down to the lake in our subdivision the round trip walk is about a mile, let me tell you i thought i was going to die, i was in so much pain by the time we got back that i even wondered how i did it last week. I guess short walks like to the mail box is what my dr meant, oops. Our first night at home wasn't awful, after talking to Amanda i had a worst case scenario in my head and it didn't go so bad, lets just say i got the majority of sleep from 3-630. the kids are awesome with Hayden, they love holding him, well especially Emma, today when he was crying i said mommy needs to feed him and she said "no you don't he isn't hungry" i had to politely inform her that i am Hayden's mommy and she is the helpful big sister.
Hayden we have been blessed to have you as our newest addition. Thank you God for bringing him into our lives. Happy Mothers Day to all.
p.s. check post below for more pictures.

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AmyWhit said...

So sweet! Looks like the big brother and sisters are totally in love with their new little sibling! Congratulations again! He's beautiful. Hope the little guy doesn't have to go under those lights

Stephanie said...

Sounds like you had an awesome day tomorrow have a very happy mother's day!