Thursday, May 1, 2008

getting down to the end

so yesterday had my dr's appt and set my csection date, i won't post that on here b/c who knows what weirdos read my blog but it is very soon. i was hoping to have it the day before so the paparrazi would be in town but that just means the paparrzi nazi will come another time, LOL. My only complaint is that i am not sleeping well at all, between the kids waking up to pee, they do get up on their own and turn the bathroom light on by themselves, ughh who is giving them free rein to drinks throughout the day (a little control issue i am having) this kid sitting directly on my bladder, and just anxiety over this whole thing makes for difficutly sleeping! I am waking up at 545 every day which i get up and do something and really aren't too tired until 7pm. Last night was my last ngiht of work for awhile although i have to go in and do some computer training today which i really don't mind, but last night at work i was having frequent intense contractions b/c i was on my feet so much so it is time to be done. I am going to go back to work, i probably will cut my hours when i go back but i need work for my sanity, i do like my job and it is getting much better so for now i will be back. I have a long list to do's on my list, such as getting new contacts, baby book, baby blanket, groceries for the kids for while i am in the hospital,. i know you don[t care what i need but this serves as my list. I also need to get mothers day gifts today, good think we are going with gift cards, makes it so much easier for me.


Stephanie said...

and the count down begins... I am so glad you changed your mind it was your decision but it puts my mind at ease. I am so excited it is going to be a crazy and eventful week next week!!!

Amanda said...

Ok I'm REALLY REALLY hoping he comes before the scheduled date. I REALLY want to take his pics...and not when he's two weeks old. I want little bity curled up like he's still in the womb kind of pics. So HAYDEN baby come on out I'm ready when you are...your Mommy might not be though. ;)

Jennifer said...

Still doing the Hayden chant here!! Come out!