Monday, April 28, 2008

darn pregnancy hormones

i did take pics today but i can't find the cable to download them and my external card reader hasn't arrived yet, Chris told me that there was a place for my memory card but maybe he was smoking crack at the time. which leads me to believe that he must have smoked some crack this evening when he was home for 45 minutes and said and did some stuff that i find hard to believe that this far in my pregnancy he would even dare. okay that sounds bad, he didnt' call me names or beat me by any means but why would you cut yourself a piece of pizza, cut one for the kids but take your own and sit at the kitchen counter and not give the kids their plates, i was pouring their milk and getting Christian's peas, and the girls salads ready. Ughh i really wanted to say something but i knew in my hormonal state that what i would say would not be nice so i just decided to bite my tongue and eat. He also used the term 'babysitting" when referring to watch his own children, i did correct him on that one, he hasn't ever used the term babysittting and he knows how i feel about it so why this far in my pregnancy when you know i could blow at any moment would you use that. He had a bad day at work and like any other human we take it out on the ones we love, but it made for a stressful evening. Don't get me wrong, Chris is a great dad and husband. I just wonder and tell me if any of you other mothers and or wives feel this way is that when we need to get something done around the house we have to do it with the kids under our feet, we can't just close the door and clean out the closet, i want some time to myself to accomplish a project. So Friday night my project is taking time for myself before Hayden gets here, Friday i am going to get a manicure pedicure, go out to dinner and then go see Baby Mama with any of my girlfriends that want to go, and if i go alone so be it. It will be come and help Dana relax night so anyone who wants to go email me and it is a date.
Anyhow I do want to say as chris was tending to himself tonight and i got that poor me pity party going on i look over at Christian pouring peas from the bowl into his mouth, only really no peas are going into his mouth but all over my newly swept kitchen floor, and then i just busted out laughing b/c it was hilarious and i realized that i need to quit feeling sorry for myself. Chris goes out once a week usually on Mondays after training and i am fine with that, so why don't i just make it a point to also go do something, Chris encourages me to do stuff but i feel guilty b/c i work two evenings a week, but i am a better parent for doing it.
anyway have a good evening, i just peeked in on my three and they are sound asleep and i have a little sanity back. Today was a day that made me think I don't know how i get through some days but i guess i just do it.


Jennifer said...

No, you are not the only one who feels that way. I guess it's just the job of a husband. After I got off the phone with you this evening, I was telling Chris about your frustrations with your Chris. Meanwhile, his is watching me struggle with taking the trash and recyclables out. They just don't get it! I just told him THANKS as he drove away. I told him I will change the locks. He said, I'd like to she you do it in the two hours I am gone. All in fun of course, but they just don't get it!

Amanda said...

Bad day with your kids too! Must be in the air. I was about to beat mine this evening. Grrr! Maybe it's God telling me that another is not in our near future. LOL Because I can't control the two he's entrusted me with already. Ughh I so wish I could do the date night with you Friday but I think it will be late like 9-10 when we get in.

Stephanie said...

Mine is just sick but was running around like a chicken with her head chopped off last night. It must have been bad husband day mine made and obtuse comment this am about going to dinner. They must be rubbing off on each other.