Saturday, April 26, 2008

busy week

this past week has flown by and i have got alot accomplished but i think my computer crashing had something to do with it other than nesting. I cleaned out our hall closet and boy was it scary to even open the door, it was like open the door and step to the side so you don't get a head injury, i shredded probaby about 10lbs of paper, and cleaned out the kids closets. I also was banned from work this week since i had all my preadmission stuff done and when they cultured my nose it was positive for the organism that is in the news, no biggie if you have been around me don't worry, you don't have to cut off any body part nor not come around me again, if you cultured most of the hosptial workers anywhere we would have it, but since the state of IL is making a stink about it i have been quarantined from work this past week, i have to put ointment on a qtip and then apply it inside each nostril twice a day for five days, i thought it would be awful but its not bad at all. so tomorrow i am allowed back at work and after Wed evening shift i am off for 8 weeks, woohoo. Wed is my dr's appt and we will schedule an eviction date, this last week i have really been going back and forth about a vaginal birth but my gut feeling for me is a csection, i know what to expect. so for right now unless my water breaks and i get to the hospital ready to push a csection for me. Trust me i have sat so much on a stability ball this weekend my sides hurt and i do feel like i have brought Hayden lower into my pelvis b/c i pee every 10 minutes and i just feel more pressure. I also fell on Christian today outside and hurt my foot bad, it really hurts to walk on it and is slightly swollen, i don't think it is broke but if Tylenol doesn't help then tomorrow i may head off to urgicare for an xray. My bag is packed the bills are all payed up until after delivery. My braxton hicks are getting stronger day by day.

then lets get back to the computer crashing thing, i called yesterday to see if they even have checked it and here is my conversation, "hi i am calling to check on my computer, them "yes we think your hard drive is bad, he took it apart and is running further tests, he won't know until ealry next week, is there anything we should try and save" Me "my pictures" I mean doesn't it sound like i was having a conversation with the hospital while they were doing an operation?
so my hubby let me purchase a laptop, and we also bought a external harddrive to keep my pictures on. sorry no pics maybe tomorrow.


Jennifer said...

Hay-den, Hay-den, Hay-den!! (Can't you hear me cheering him on.) Come on little one, we want to meet you!!

Amanda said...

He's just waitin for me to get there...he wants to be a ROCK STAR and have his own Paparazzi! lol