Thursday, April 17, 2008

two posts in one day

so check the post below also, i posted two in one day and there are pictures, dont' get excited this probably may never happen again. Yesterday Chris took one of his personal days and we headed off to the zoo, it was awesome the weather was so nice and the kids were great and had a blast. Poor Christain loves Hippos, i mean LOVES hippos, this was the only hippo he saw for some reason they werent' out yesterday and he did cry a little when they weren't there. the rhino also wasn't out and he loves rhinos' too, every morning when we ask him what he dreamed about he says hippos. Poor guy hopefully i can take them back in a couple of weeks to at least see the hippos provided i have energy! We met Aunt Cathy for lunch at the zoo and the kids were excited to see her and then on the way home we stopped at Dairy Haven our fav ice cream place for ice cream, Chris even let the kids eat their ice cream in the car, we just got orange twist cones which are the bomb. The bottom picture of me is my 36 week pic, i talked to Jen this am and she asked if i had taken any more pics so i felt guilty, it is a bad picture but there you go. I feel like a whale but all my patients say "your aren't big at all" so that does make me feel alot better. My appetite has incresed twofold and i am always hungry! No scheduled date yet for the csection, hopefully i can schedule it Tuesday not to have the csection but just to get a date. oh well off to run some more errands before i meet Becky for lunch!

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Amanda said...

Looks like you've had fun the past couple days with the kiddos. And you look FABULOUS!

Jennifer said...

Getting all that energy out before the little one come huh? Good pic of you. You're still not that big, but I can tell you've grown a bit in the past couple of weeks. Poor Christian about the Hippos. That boy cracks me up with how much he loves them!

Stephanie said...

Well you don't look pregnant anywhere but your belly and you know. I forgot to tell you the other day when we met you coming out of the gym I didn't recognize it was you until I noticed the kids ... because you didn't look pregnant. The kids look like they had fun to bad those hippos weren't out.
You will just have to go back soon , we will go with you the next time on a wednesday!