Thursday, April 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Amanda

Just wanted to say happy birthday to Amanda, she turns the big 30 today, and she is also the one who takes all the awesome photos!
Alot new is happening here, after losing my mucous plug on Monday i decided to call the dr, well they wanted me to come in and check my cervix, i of course thought i'm sure nothing is going on, WRONG! my cervix is thinning, and shortening, so i am to take it easy, LOL No working out but i can work, WTH? I am starting to nest as i should be cleaning out my kids drawers I am updating my blog. Five more minutes i keep saying. Anyway the baby's room is painted, I will take pics soon, the crib should be here in a couple days, i have his coming home outfit Need to wash it, I have the car seat check and i even started packing my bag, i bought the travel size stuff at Target today and put in my suitcase. I still need to buy a couple of bras, a new pair of pajamas and i think i am set. I think when i have him i will send out an email just in case in weirdos lurking, and i will post pictures when we get home. I really dont' think i will go until May but i could be wrong, every pregnant women thinks that towards the end dont' they. Yesterday at my dr's appt my blood pressure was starting to go up, it still is completely normal based on normal Blood pressure but the bottom number had risen quite a bit, my next appt is Tuesday. I still am not swelling too bad, just a trace, i feel like my face is swollen but lets hope no issues with that. I recieved my first dose of steroids yesterday, and will get my second today. Oh well off to organize Christian's drawers! Happy Birthday Amanda!


Stephanie said...

A very Happy Birthday to Amanda! I hope you last until May too but there are plans for us we do not know. I hope for the munchkin he stays warm and toasty for a bit longer too. Glad you are getting things together just make sure to sit and prop those feet up a bit while your kiddos are away!! The drawers will still be there when they come home and they can help pack the stuff away (or throw it all out of the totes!!)

Amanda said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes! Now you tell baby * to stay in that little oven for a wee bit longer okay?! lol If it were only that easy. I'll be keeping you in my prayers.

Jennifer said...

Take care of yourself and that little one of yours. We all know those "wimpy white boys" need the extra time with mamma!