Sunday, April 13, 2008

change inour routine

The kids have not been going to bed quite as easily as in the past, i need that eight o clock bedtime more than i need the nap so yesterday while i was at work Chris started the no more naps thing, it went beautiful yesterday and has proved to be okay today also, who knows what the rest of the week will bring. I told them that we dont' need to nap everyday (wanted to leave some room in case i needed a nap) but at our old nap time each kid picks a chair and gets their pillow and we watch a movie, no talking, no getting up, just resting. Today Chris rented the BEE movie from redbox and the kids did great and listened, Emma actually fell asleep and it was quiet restful time, i even dozed for about 20 minutes. If they fall asleep on the couch that is fine but at least i still get my quiet time and it forces me to lay down and rest with them. I worked last night and the first four hours i took care of moms i only had four patients but it was just busy and by 630 i was having 6 minute apart contractions, after i sat down they eventually turned into cramping every once in awhile after 830, i probably should have stayed after work and be put on a monitor but i just wanted to sleep in my own bed and then they let up although they are back again but honestly i think they are braxton hicks as they arent really regular. a new thing is my back hurts so bad, it is my mid back, if it was my low back i would be at the hospital but nothing is touching the pain so i don't know if the baby moved down some more and is just sitting funny or what but i now can say the people with chronic back pain i think i know what it feels like and this isn't fun. oh well it is only temporary and will be gone after delivery.
oh well Chris went to get supper and the kiddos are playing so nicely together downstairs.
We had a uneventful weekend, and it was just relaxing. Wed Chris is taking off so we can go to the zoo! and it will be 78 degrees, i will be 36 weeks on Thursday so maybe i will walk myself into labor, Woohoo!


Stephanie said...

That sounds like a super fun day at the zoo! Praying you make it till then. Backpain is awful I didn't have any(that is remember at this point) but Becky did and by the time she got to the hospital she was a 9 and Paige wasn't waiting so just be careful. That no nap thing seems to be going around Maggie wasn't having any part of hers so she was asleep by 6:45 tonight and let me tell you it is a Dream!!

Jennifer said...

I am so not ready to give up those naps. Not that Connor is bad, becuase he really deals well with no naps, but mommy meeds some down time as well!