Monday, April 28, 2008

darn pregnancy hormones

i did take pics today but i can't find the cable to download them and my external card reader hasn't arrived yet, Chris told me that there was a place for my memory card but maybe he was smoking crack at the time. which leads me to believe that he must have smoked some crack this evening when he was home for 45 minutes and said and did some stuff that i find hard to believe that this far in my pregnancy he would even dare. okay that sounds bad, he didnt' call me names or beat me by any means but why would you cut yourself a piece of pizza, cut one for the kids but take your own and sit at the kitchen counter and not give the kids their plates, i was pouring their milk and getting Christian's peas, and the girls salads ready. Ughh i really wanted to say something but i knew in my hormonal state that what i would say would not be nice so i just decided to bite my tongue and eat. He also used the term 'babysitting" when referring to watch his own children, i did correct him on that one, he hasn't ever used the term babysittting and he knows how i feel about it so why this far in my pregnancy when you know i could blow at any moment would you use that. He had a bad day at work and like any other human we take it out on the ones we love, but it made for a stressful evening. Don't get me wrong, Chris is a great dad and husband. I just wonder and tell me if any of you other mothers and or wives feel this way is that when we need to get something done around the house we have to do it with the kids under our feet, we can't just close the door and clean out the closet, i want some time to myself to accomplish a project. So Friday night my project is taking time for myself before Hayden gets here, Friday i am going to get a manicure pedicure, go out to dinner and then go see Baby Mama with any of my girlfriends that want to go, and if i go alone so be it. It will be come and help Dana relax night so anyone who wants to go email me and it is a date.
Anyhow I do want to say as chris was tending to himself tonight and i got that poor me pity party going on i look over at Christian pouring peas from the bowl into his mouth, only really no peas are going into his mouth but all over my newly swept kitchen floor, and then i just busted out laughing b/c it was hilarious and i realized that i need to quit feeling sorry for myself. Chris goes out once a week usually on Mondays after training and i am fine with that, so why don't i just make it a point to also go do something, Chris encourages me to do stuff but i feel guilty b/c i work two evenings a week, but i am a better parent for doing it.
anyway have a good evening, i just peeked in on my three and they are sound asleep and i have a little sanity back. Today was a day that made me think I don't know how i get through some days but i guess i just do it.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

busy week

this past week has flown by and i have got alot accomplished but i think my computer crashing had something to do with it other than nesting. I cleaned out our hall closet and boy was it scary to even open the door, it was like open the door and step to the side so you don't get a head injury, i shredded probaby about 10lbs of paper, and cleaned out the kids closets. I also was banned from work this week since i had all my preadmission stuff done and when they cultured my nose it was positive for the organism that is in the news, no biggie if you have been around me don't worry, you don't have to cut off any body part nor not come around me again, if you cultured most of the hosptial workers anywhere we would have it, but since the state of IL is making a stink about it i have been quarantined from work this past week, i have to put ointment on a qtip and then apply it inside each nostril twice a day for five days, i thought it would be awful but its not bad at all. so tomorrow i am allowed back at work and after Wed evening shift i am off for 8 weeks, woohoo. Wed is my dr's appt and we will schedule an eviction date, this last week i have really been going back and forth about a vaginal birth but my gut feeling for me is a csection, i know what to expect. so for right now unless my water breaks and i get to the hospital ready to push a csection for me. Trust me i have sat so much on a stability ball this weekend my sides hurt and i do feel like i have brought Hayden lower into my pelvis b/c i pee every 10 minutes and i just feel more pressure. I also fell on Christian today outside and hurt my foot bad, it really hurts to walk on it and is slightly swollen, i don't think it is broke but if Tylenol doesn't help then tomorrow i may head off to urgicare for an xray. My bag is packed the bills are all payed up until after delivery. My braxton hicks are getting stronger day by day.

then lets get back to the computer crashing thing, i called yesterday to see if they even have checked it and here is my conversation, "hi i am calling to check on my computer, them "yes we think your hard drive is bad, he took it apart and is running further tests, he won't know until ealry next week, is there anything we should try and save" Me "my pictures" I mean doesn't it sound like i was having a conversation with the hospital while they were doing an operation?
so my hubby let me purchase a laptop, and we also bought a external harddrive to keep my pictures on. sorry no pics maybe tomorrow.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

two posts in one day

so check the post below also, i posted two in one day and there are pictures, dont' get excited this probably may never happen again. Yesterday Chris took one of his personal days and we headed off to the zoo, it was awesome the weather was so nice and the kids were great and had a blast. Poor Christain loves Hippos, i mean LOVES hippos, this was the only hippo he saw for some reason they werent' out yesterday and he did cry a little when they weren't there. the rhino also wasn't out and he loves rhinos' too, every morning when we ask him what he dreamed about he says hippos. Poor guy hopefully i can take them back in a couple of weeks to at least see the hippos provided i have energy! We met Aunt Cathy for lunch at the zoo and the kids were excited to see her and then on the way home we stopped at Dairy Haven our fav ice cream place for ice cream, Chris even let the kids eat their ice cream in the car, we just got orange twist cones which are the bomb. The bottom picture of me is my 36 week pic, i talked to Jen this am and she asked if i had taken any more pics so i felt guilty, it is a bad picture but there you go. I feel like a whale but all my patients say "your aren't big at all" so that does make me feel alot better. My appetite has incresed twofold and i am always hungry! No scheduled date yet for the csection, hopefully i can schedule it Tuesday not to have the csection but just to get a date. oh well off to run some more errands before i meet Becky for lunch!

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Chuck E. Cheese

Tuesday we went to Chuck E. cheese, first time in about a year and the kids had fun but they didn't want to ride half the stuff so i had a hard time using my tokens, Emma fell and hit her mouth on the floor at home just as we were leaving, her bottom lip is swollen and she has some bruising by her upper two teeth on her gum, she must have fallen hard in the right spot b/c she cried for the longest time and then the blood dripping on her shirt made matters worse.

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

change inour routine

The kids have not been going to bed quite as easily as in the past, i need that eight o clock bedtime more than i need the nap so yesterday while i was at work Chris started the no more naps thing, it went beautiful yesterday and has proved to be okay today also, who knows what the rest of the week will bring. I told them that we dont' need to nap everyday (wanted to leave some room in case i needed a nap) but at our old nap time each kid picks a chair and gets their pillow and we watch a movie, no talking, no getting up, just resting. Today Chris rented the BEE movie from redbox and the kids did great and listened, Emma actually fell asleep and it was quiet restful time, i even dozed for about 20 minutes. If they fall asleep on the couch that is fine but at least i still get my quiet time and it forces me to lay down and rest with them. I worked last night and the first four hours i took care of moms i only had four patients but it was just busy and by 630 i was having 6 minute apart contractions, after i sat down they eventually turned into cramping every once in awhile after 830, i probably should have stayed after work and be put on a monitor but i just wanted to sleep in my own bed and then they let up although they are back again but honestly i think they are braxton hicks as they arent really regular. a new thing is my back hurts so bad, it is my mid back, if it was my low back i would be at the hospital but nothing is touching the pain so i don't know if the baby moved down some more and is just sitting funny or what but i now can say the people with chronic back pain i think i know what it feels like and this isn't fun. oh well it is only temporary and will be gone after delivery.
oh well Chris went to get supper and the kiddos are playing so nicely together downstairs.
We had a uneventful weekend, and it was just relaxing. Wed Chris is taking off so we can go to the zoo! and it will be 78 degrees, i will be 36 weeks on Thursday so maybe i will walk myself into labor, Woohoo!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

i guess not that much longer

Well no pictures from yesterday but i do have an updated dr's appt. I saw the midwife yesterday and good news that my cervix is unchanged. She also said that if i wanted to go back to walking at the Y i could, i just need to stop if it doesn't feel good which i would do anyway. so this am after the kids jeans are out of the dryer we are headed off to the gym, i probably won't be powerwalking on inclines like i normally do but just to get an hour away to myself sounds promising! Last night i was having cramping at regular intervals so i had a little glimpse of hope that i possibly would deliver soon but i am still pregnant, that is okay too, it is much easier with him in my belly getting out than it will be in a month. I just need to finally buy my pajamas on Friday and then i think i am ready. I eventually want to buy a bumbo seat and i need a activity mat thing for the floor and some more ratttles type stuff but i can get that later.

Monday, April 7, 2008

preparing the way

here is the unfinished baby's room, we still need some wall art, Chris needs to hang the uppercase living stuff i bought and i need to organize everything and put the bedding on. Hayden's room is closer to be done, i just want it done now! Actually i want him here now but if he can cook about 7 more days that would be awesome! This weekend, Chris put the bed together, i washed a ton of stuff, now just figuring out where to get it. My hospital bag is packed for the most part, i need to buy a nice pair of pajamas yet, that is on Friday's schedule. We also need to start having the video camera charged, and i need to find my SLR battery charger, my battery is fully working but it would be nice to have the charger. i have antother dr's appt tomorrow am, i am hoping to find an eviction date for this kid, aka scheduled csection date, i have May 6th in mind which is yes less than a month away. Still feeling pretty good, hoping to go back to the gym tomorrow if my cervix hasn't changed, if not the weather is getting nicer and i can at least get the kids out of the house that way. I will blog more tomorrow after my appt, i promise.

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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Amanda

Just wanted to say happy birthday to Amanda, she turns the big 30 today, and she is also the one who takes all the awesome photos!
Alot new is happening here, after losing my mucous plug on Monday i decided to call the dr, well they wanted me to come in and check my cervix, i of course thought i'm sure nothing is going on, WRONG! my cervix is thinning, and shortening, so i am to take it easy, LOL No working out but i can work, WTH? I am starting to nest as i should be cleaning out my kids drawers I am updating my blog. Five more minutes i keep saying. Anyway the baby's room is painted, I will take pics soon, the crib should be here in a couple days, i have his coming home outfit Need to wash it, I have the car seat check and i even started packing my bag, i bought the travel size stuff at Target today and put in my suitcase. I still need to buy a couple of bras, a new pair of pajamas and i think i am set. I think when i have him i will send out an email just in case in weirdos lurking, and i will post pictures when we get home. I really dont' think i will go until May but i could be wrong, every pregnant women thinks that towards the end dont' they. Yesterday at my dr's appt my blood pressure was starting to go up, it still is completely normal based on normal Blood pressure but the bottom number had risen quite a bit, my next appt is Tuesday. I still am not swelling too bad, just a trace, i feel like my face is swollen but lets hope no issues with that. I recieved my first dose of steroids yesterday, and will get my second today. Oh well off to organize Christian's drawers! Happy Birthday Amanda!