Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happy Birthday (early) Hayden

Since I won't be able to blog on his actually bday I am making this my wish for Hayden. He will be the big one year old on the 6th of May, my how time has flown by. I can't even explain how blessed I have been for all my kids but the joy of experiencing a singleton has been absolutely wonderful, I am noticing his quirks so much earlier than I noticed the triplets, I think b/c I actually have the time to see them, he screams when he doesn't get what he wants, Steph can attest to that b/c she has heard him numerous time while on the phone with me, its like this ear piercing shriek, now Hayden will bat his eyes at you while eating and it is all i can do not to laugh. He is not walking yet and thats okay b/c i think i will have one busy baby on my hands. He loves his brother and sisters and his face lights up when he sees them. We will be celebrating his party at the park in one week, I think i might have smoked some crack having his party after a big trip but oh well. The kiddos are doing great, they have been loving this weather outside and frankly I am also. I am going to a plastic surgeon for the crazy spot on my nose and am eager to get the results from that, i also have started getting up at the crack of dawn, today for instance after i fed Hayden at 415 I was up and could not fall asleep, so here i sit. I am a little freaked out about this swine flu thing, they had a confirmed case from a visitor in Disney, and I keep praying for us to stay illness free so please pray for us. Work apparently is overloaded with calls about the swine flu and the allergies flaring up, I could have made some big bucks this weekend at work but I'm sure there will always be time for that.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter pics

Not much new here again except the crazy weather, the weather was less than stellar on Sunday but at least we didn't have to wear our winter coats like the past two Easters. sunday am we started off at 9am mass, well that was crowded and we ended up in the cry room which i think our kids were one of the best behaved,it was hard to get much out of Easter mass when you are sitting amongst little ones when Easter excitement is in the air, then we headed to my moms house for some brunch and easter egg hunts. the kids had fun, audrey found a pen, not sure where that came from but it made a kodak moment, Christian has a nice scratch and bruise from the fight he had with Emma's foot. Hayden enjoyed his first Easter but was sacked out after church. Other than that not much new here just getting ready for the big D world trip, trying to figure out what i still need to get since my days are limited with little man's naps while the kiddos are at school.

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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Kisses and Easter eggs

I labeled this post as kisses first of all b/c notice Hayden with the baby doll, he loves to give kisses to dolls, and he was so excited when Emma finally let him play with the baby, he had been following Emma around for about 20 min trying to get to the baby doll and i love the look on his face once he's got it. I don't remember the triplets giving kisses this early,and i am sure i don't remember them unrolling toilet paper this early either. This kid is into everything and with the triplets the house was babyproof and there were no small pieces so that wasn't an issue then I guess. Our week has been filled with egg hunts and small gifts from people for Easter, which dont get me wrong is wonderful but come on this chocolate is not doing much for the muffin top I am trying to rid of. Seriously i did an od today of reese peanut butter cups and m&m's, and its not even Sunday yet. Today the weather was beautiful this morning and by early evening the temp dropped 22 degrees, it is raining and just yucky. I think next week we are going to make our first trip to the zoo for 2009, Chris is taking off work and it looks like Wed it will be 71 degrees so a good day for the zoo. Tonight we dyed Easter eggs and the kids had fun, Christian kept saying "i'm hungry" i think he thought candy was inside the eggs, he does not like eggs so tomorrow he demands to eat an egg, he is going to be ticked off to find a egg white and a yolk. I am slowly getting ready for our trip, i ordered my swimsuit online today, i hope i like it and i got the rest of the kids shorts and stuff so i think they have their clothes. although gymboree is releasing a new line next week that has some monkeys on it which i think i am going to have to splurge, I call Hayden monkey and wouldn't coordinating monkey clothes be cute for the kiddos? I thought so...

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Monday, April 6, 2009

could it be 11 months already

so my baby boy turned 11 months today, 11 months ago today I was laying in bed at this time, had just finished throwing up several times and was waiting for them to bring in my sweet baby to eat before i went to bed, as i miss the early days when he was a tiny tiny baby i do have to say that i treasured it and held him as much as he wanted to be held, it is absolutely wonderful having a single baby, to those of you who have singles you already know that but having triplets first when you just try to make it through one feeding to a next hoping to get a little sleep, wondering if you will ever be able to relate to other people with kids again I now know the feeling. I can however say I don't know how I did it with three babies at once, yes i did have help but it wasn't around the clock and ultimately they were our responsibility. Some days i feel like my time management is out the window, for instance i wanted to go to the gym this morning but Hayden fell asleep so he took a nap, no gym for us but thats okay, the kids dictate (not literally) our schedule, how blessed I have been to be blessed with 4 kids, this morning when Christian was on my last nerve I was thinking about my friend Wendy who lost her son 6 years ago how she would give anything to have her son grating on her last nerve again, so i just grin and bear it because one day when my boys or girls are all grown up how i will forget the little day to day things that they know they shouldn't do but i will remember all the hugs, stories, zoo trips, ice cream trips, market trips and whatever floats our boat for the day. It just seems as lately i have been more sentimental, whether it is from the person i mentioned earlier diagnosed with brain and lung cancer or all these random shootings where innocent people are dying, life is a precious gift and I am so lucky to have been entrusted with 4 of them. Love you Christian Emma Audrey and Hayden.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

slacking again

so not much is new here except i am wondering why i suck at time management, yes i know i have four children but i feel like i get nothing done, except fb, LOL. my time mngmt was bad prior to fb trust me. not much new here I am starting to get ready for Disney, we are counting down the days, in the meantime of preparing the family for Disney i have to plan my baby's first birthday party, nothing exciting really I just need to figure out the invites and mail those off. my goal was to have his pictures done by the birthday party but that probably won't be happening unless a miracle occurs, I am hoping the wonderful photographer who captured his newborn photos will capture his one year photos also, which i know she will but figuring out a time will be another dilemma since she is located in TN. A funny from today i was getting Christian into the car and i wiped his nose with a tissue since he had a big ole green blob there, he said "no i wanted that to stay in my nose" really b/c i'm sure it felt real nice when trying to breathe. The other day Christian kept coming out of the bathroom saying "i brushed my teeth again" ok, he had a friend over to play and i just thought he was wanting minty fresh breath, well 3 hours later and a sink full of toothpaste, I said "who put all that toothpaste in the sink" everyone "i don't know" then Christian said, "mom i need to tell the truth, I did it, and i had so much fun squeezing it out, and making a snake with it" he was so cute when he said it so all i could do was laugh. I really think he is going to be my class clown. I am still loving my job, they say i am doing good which i hope so, one nurse even said she would have not guessed that i have done telephone triage in the past b/c i sound like i am an old pro. On another note, an individual which i know that nobody else on here knows was diagnosed with brain and lung cancer, i have just been deeply saddened from this, he is in his early 40's, 4 kids, and just one of the nicest guys you will meet, i found out the other day, i pray for his family and for him but cancer is not a good thing, especially when it is in 2 places which probably means it has metatsized from another location. so enjoy the pictures for now Stephanie took the first two.

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