Thursday, April 2, 2009

slacking again

so not much is new here except i am wondering why i suck at time management, yes i know i have four children but i feel like i get nothing done, except fb, LOL. my time mngmt was bad prior to fb trust me. not much new here I am starting to get ready for Disney, we are counting down the days, in the meantime of preparing the family for Disney i have to plan my baby's first birthday party, nothing exciting really I just need to figure out the invites and mail those off. my goal was to have his pictures done by the birthday party but that probably won't be happening unless a miracle occurs, I am hoping the wonderful photographer who captured his newborn photos will capture his one year photos also, which i know she will but figuring out a time will be another dilemma since she is located in TN. A funny from today i was getting Christian into the car and i wiped his nose with a tissue since he had a big ole green blob there, he said "no i wanted that to stay in my nose" really b/c i'm sure it felt real nice when trying to breathe. The other day Christian kept coming out of the bathroom saying "i brushed my teeth again" ok, he had a friend over to play and i just thought he was wanting minty fresh breath, well 3 hours later and a sink full of toothpaste, I said "who put all that toothpaste in the sink" everyone "i don't know" then Christian said, "mom i need to tell the truth, I did it, and i had so much fun squeezing it out, and making a snake with it" he was so cute when he said it so all i could do was laugh. I really think he is going to be my class clown. I am still loving my job, they say i am doing good which i hope so, one nurse even said she would have not guessed that i have done telephone triage in the past b/c i sound like i am an old pro. On another note, an individual which i know that nobody else on here knows was diagnosed with brain and lung cancer, i have just been deeply saddened from this, he is in his early 40's, 4 kids, and just one of the nicest guys you will meet, i found out the other day, i pray for his family and for him but cancer is not a good thing, especially when it is in 2 places which probably means it has metatsized from another location. so enjoy the pictures for now Stephanie took the first two.

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