Monday, April 6, 2009

could it be 11 months already

so my baby boy turned 11 months today, 11 months ago today I was laying in bed at this time, had just finished throwing up several times and was waiting for them to bring in my sweet baby to eat before i went to bed, as i miss the early days when he was a tiny tiny baby i do have to say that i treasured it and held him as much as he wanted to be held, it is absolutely wonderful having a single baby, to those of you who have singles you already know that but having triplets first when you just try to make it through one feeding to a next hoping to get a little sleep, wondering if you will ever be able to relate to other people with kids again I now know the feeling. I can however say I don't know how I did it with three babies at once, yes i did have help but it wasn't around the clock and ultimately they were our responsibility. Some days i feel like my time management is out the window, for instance i wanted to go to the gym this morning but Hayden fell asleep so he took a nap, no gym for us but thats okay, the kids dictate (not literally) our schedule, how blessed I have been to be blessed with 4 kids, this morning when Christian was on my last nerve I was thinking about my friend Wendy who lost her son 6 years ago how she would give anything to have her son grating on her last nerve again, so i just grin and bear it because one day when my boys or girls are all grown up how i will forget the little day to day things that they know they shouldn't do but i will remember all the hugs, stories, zoo trips, ice cream trips, market trips and whatever floats our boat for the day. It just seems as lately i have been more sentimental, whether it is from the person i mentioned earlier diagnosed with brain and lung cancer or all these random shootings where innocent people are dying, life is a precious gift and I am so lucky to have been entrusted with 4 of them. Love you Christian Emma Audrey and Hayden.

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