Thursday, April 9, 2009

Kisses and Easter eggs

I labeled this post as kisses first of all b/c notice Hayden with the baby doll, he loves to give kisses to dolls, and he was so excited when Emma finally let him play with the baby, he had been following Emma around for about 20 min trying to get to the baby doll and i love the look on his face once he's got it. I don't remember the triplets giving kisses this early,and i am sure i don't remember them unrolling toilet paper this early either. This kid is into everything and with the triplets the house was babyproof and there were no small pieces so that wasn't an issue then I guess. Our week has been filled with egg hunts and small gifts from people for Easter, which dont get me wrong is wonderful but come on this chocolate is not doing much for the muffin top I am trying to rid of. Seriously i did an od today of reese peanut butter cups and m&m's, and its not even Sunday yet. Today the weather was beautiful this morning and by early evening the temp dropped 22 degrees, it is raining and just yucky. I think next week we are going to make our first trip to the zoo for 2009, Chris is taking off work and it looks like Wed it will be 71 degrees so a good day for the zoo. Tonight we dyed Easter eggs and the kids had fun, Christian kept saying "i'm hungry" i think he thought candy was inside the eggs, he does not like eggs so tomorrow he demands to eat an egg, he is going to be ticked off to find a egg white and a yolk. I am slowly getting ready for our trip, i ordered my swimsuit online today, i hope i like it and i got the rest of the kids shorts and stuff so i think they have their clothes. although gymboree is releasing a new line next week that has some monkeys on it which i think i am going to have to splurge, I call Hayden monkey and wouldn't coordinating monkey clothes be cute for the kiddos? I thought so...

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