Wednesday, October 21, 2009

17 months already

So i am a bit behind and why blogger is underlining everything is beyond me but i actually have time to blog for the minute so here I go. We have had alot going on birthday parties, weddings, and the swine flu. Oh did I mention the pig flu not only can I recite info from the CDC in my sleep but i actually got to use the advice on my kids. Luckily we had it mildly, and the only reason I took Christian was to get him tested was his asthma, mother knows best. Chris thought I was nuts when I said before he was diagnosed that it was pig flu, well guess what Ha i was right for the 9875673467877 time but whose counting. My mother in law however was hit a bit harder with it, so sorry for sharing the germs. The kids are doing great, they started oinking on Friday and today finally are starting to speak again, well not really but it was funny. ,

Hayden is now 17 months old, how hard is that to believe, he is starting to say words and understands many more. He is such a joy to be around, he loves his big sisters and brother, the other day he walked into christian's room and reached for Christian's hand and they walked hand in hand down the hallway, melted my heart only wish i would have had the camera ready. Every day while Chris is at work he walks around and if he see's a picture of Chris or his boots or a shirt, he says "Daddy' "Daddy" and then I say he is at work and he says "yeah" and then i say with uncle John and he says "yeah non" i think he is saying John. When he sees a pumpkin he says "ball" The other day while the kids were at school i found Hayden on Christian's bed reading a book, how sweet, shh don't tell christian b/c when he leaves for school he keeps his door shut because Hayden makes a mess. Did I mention Hayden is a climber, too many times i have found him on my dining room table swinging my chandelier.

I am good, out of my funk finally. Ran my first official 10 K on sunday, it was good, am going to register for the 1/2 marathon on St. Louis and debating on doing one someplace with a fun destination, Chicago is on the riverfront and flat , gotta love that. Not a big fan of hills. Work has been nuts, good thing is if i pick up a shift on the weekend i get 100 dollar bonus on top of my pay, so woohoo, Christmas is coming and the money will be great, and Sunday i am on call which i can almost guarantee I will get called in and that is time and a half which is about 50 dollars an hour!
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Friday, October 2, 2009

Happy 5th Birthday Kids

Wow, the kids are 5 where has the time gone, I'm not really sure but am so proud of what they have become, they are some of the sweetest good natured happy kids. We must be doing something right. They have each developed thier own personality and I love it. Each year their bday is a big party, the girls had thier party at a kids beauty shop where they invited thier friends and had their nails painted, the girls even got their ears pierced, which was neat to see. Audrey cried like a baby before they even pierced them, and Emma was brave but you could see tears in their eyes. Christian celebrated his bday at ORO partyland which is like another chuck e cheese but they have bumper cars it was fun. On their actual bday good ole Stephanie posted a happy bday on her blog which i thank her so much because I didn't even do that on their bday, we had breakfast at Mallo's, then to the zoo for build a bears, petting stingrays, the weather was rainy so we didnt' stay long. then we headed to the spaghetti factory for lunch where Aunt Cathy met us, how many people do you know take 1/2 day off from work to spend with her friends kids, Cathy we think you are the bombdiggity and so do I! then after lunch we headed to the city museum which is AWESOME, I love it there we had never been but I do have to say it was cool and not crowded at all. Then we headed home to eat at a hibachi rest. and then back to our house with family and friends to have MORE cake and more presents. WOW it was a great bday and fun was had by all.
long time no blog,, fb is now my venting grounds but Cathy suggested using the blog to post pictures and tell what the kids are doing so this one is for you. The kids started preschool and LOVE their teachers, Christian never tells me anymore he doesnt' want to go to school, he even likes to draw which before he had no interest in. They constantly come up with cute sayings everyday and keep me in stitches most of the time. As Halloween is fast approaching Christian wants to be a scuba diver, (where he got that from i have no clue but hey i think it will be all homemade) and the girls want to be cheerleaders which Aunt Pam made them for their bday so this year i am getting off pretty cheap actually, hope that money doesn't go toward dental work from all that candy.
Work is still great I love my job, I do not love swine flu, I dont' love what the media has done and truly has made the public nuts. and don't get me started about every Tom, dick and harry going to the ER for not feeling well, REALLY, SERIOUSLY why would you go to the ER and then get ticked when you have to wait 6 hours,hmm treat your symptoms and then call your doctor in the morning. anyhow just my two cents, any questions regarding the swine flu just ask, because I am a good source of info, truly i am and wont' give my smart ass answer...
I am excited we decided to refinance our house and so today after getting all that darn paperwork together went in to find out we are refinancing for 4.875 % that is the lowest they have been and those were the rates today! Woohoo i finally feel like something is going right, and wanted to dance in the loan officer's office but didnt' think it would have been appropriate, we will be saving 140 dollars a month, woohoo, now i can get that closet full of cash like the McGuire's have but hopefully my dog wont' eat it....I have been in a major funk lately, no new stress here, just pretty much feeling overwhelmed and worthless most days. the doctor initially blew me off saying you have 4 kids, yadda yadda yadda, yes i have 4 kids but seriously I dont' think i am coping well, I feel like i am always yelling at my kids and I don't like that. My friend told me today that i was a positive upbeat person which i appreciated the comment and it truly gave light into my day in addition to the interest rate! I know happiness has to come from within but lately I just feel like I am worthless and want to be the person that people say "she's a great friend" "good mother" etc, yes i know vain but i do need some validation once in awhile to keep on ticking.....

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