Monday, January 26, 2009

bad blogger

its been a long time since i blogged, i think b/c i am so addicted to facebook and put pics up there so i dont' blog but facebook will be long gone probably in a couple of years so i will blog today and probably not tomorrow. We really havent' been up to much, pretty sad, I have taken up a new habit of going to bed by 9pm, its like i think i a m 80 or something, next week i will probably be cooking supper at 3 who knows. Last night i did stay up late to watch the Duggar wedding, yes i am addicted to the Duggar's, chris didnt' want to watch it with me I don't know why. this weekend seriuosly i wanted to scream, Chris is addicted to mafia wars on fb, i MEAN he is always on the computer making deposits and crap, ugghhh I wished he would have made a deposit of clothes into the washing machine. Chris is a good dad and husband don't get me wrong but if I saw him on the computer one more time I was going to scream. what do you mean someone will steal your money if you dont' make a deposit, are you freaking kidding. I loved it this weekend when he told me he was tired, and its not because he gets up with Hayden, i guess going to the bank so many times wore him out. Ok off of Chris like i said he is a good dad, and i'm sure i get on his nerves too.
Good news I finally got my MO license and will be starting my new job Feb 9th, I am loving being off but am super excited to start a new job, being a full time SAHM is rough, i feel bad asking for help from anyone and i feel really bad for spending any money on myself since i am not working, I still don't feel bad spending money at Target or gymboree though. hey if somethings on sale...
We got a wii, and i love it, haven't been on in a couple of days that is my job tonight after dance class. Today we did a playdate at the Reuss's which was fun, usually we have alcohol but Lindsey drank it all before i got there, LOL Wednesday night I have a very important meeting with Pam and Lindsey to discuss world events at Cutters, I am thinking we can get ALOT solved over greasy food and some beer. This weekend we actually have plans two nights, I kind of am starting to feel important. saturday night is the hockey game with Cathy and sunday is Superbowl over at Lisa's, I just hope she doesn't feel chris's butt again this year,i may have to start charging for that. Oh well I guess i need to figure out someway to be domesticated today, I am making a roast in the crock pot but if i dont' get Chris's slippers warm and his cigar ready when he comes home he gets a little upset and may not let me watch jon and kate and the duggars so i better be good....

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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

8 months old

Today my baby is 8 months old so hard to believe. Hayden is a great and happy baby, but when he is tired he wants his bed. The last three days he has not been sleeping well at all, the nights are okay but during the day he naps 45 minutes and wakes up SCREAMING, so i don't know if it is his ears but he doesn't have a fever, his teeth, or just a phase he is going through. He was awake for the day at 530 this am, i was all set to go to they gym after i fed him and he wanted to play, good thing b/c the roads are really icy and i would not have turned on the TV and discovered that till i was already driving on them so thanks Hayden for keeping me safe. The kids were supposed to go back to school today but that is cancelled, i need to run to the mall but i am not risking it, so maybe tonight. i guess God wants me to finish folding all of that laundry i did yesterday so that is fine also. The kids are pretty excited about going to Disney on Ice this week, we will be leaving Hayden with a sitter so we can fully enjoy the show. The top three pics were taken by chris with Steph's flash that we borrowed, I like it so much that i am going to use some of my Christmas money to buy one as soon as i find out which one she has, Steph and i have the same camera so hopefully today i will be placing my order! I am liking my current career so far of being a SAHM, granted it has only been a few days but it is so nice not having to think about going to work, I had a nice hot meal ready for the family last night, yes it was reheated pizza from my playdate earlier but hey i am utilizing the leftovers. Chris made a joke about it saying i had a hot meal for him, but he is being super supportive which is great, he LOVES his job and realizes that sometimes work around the house is two full time jobs.

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Thursday, January 1, 2009

A New Year, a new journey

Happy New Year my friends! Today i will not be posting any pictures but I wanted to start the New Year fresh with a new post. Our Christmas was wonderful, a little overdone, (can we say the toys are outnumbering the people by far) we are so lucky to be so fortunate in a year where everybody has felt the hit of the economy in one way or another. I usually don't do New year's resolutions but this year i am going to do some goals, I wont share them all here but I am going to work on being a better person, friend, and mom of course, there is always room for improvement. I have realized that the last couple of months I have been unhappy and am glad that i took a step in improvoing it. As I sit here and think about my last shift tonight it brings a tear to my eye, I have worked there for 12 years, I know the computer system, my way around the hospital, ALOT of employees, can i say it is just very very comfortable. Change is hard but i am going to adjust and adjust with a positive attitude. I am finally starting to feel a little peace in my heart, and it feels wonderful.
We rang in the New Year with some neighbors, it was family oriented with kids toys and cocktails for the adults, we had a great time! Happy New Year! I hope to be a better blogger this year.