Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happy Birthday (early) Hayden

Since I won't be able to blog on his actually bday I am making this my wish for Hayden. He will be the big one year old on the 6th of May, my how time has flown by. I can't even explain how blessed I have been for all my kids but the joy of experiencing a singleton has been absolutely wonderful, I am noticing his quirks so much earlier than I noticed the triplets, I think b/c I actually have the time to see them, he screams when he doesn't get what he wants, Steph can attest to that b/c she has heard him numerous time while on the phone with me, its like this ear piercing shriek, now Hayden will bat his eyes at you while eating and it is all i can do not to laugh. He is not walking yet and thats okay b/c i think i will have one busy baby on my hands. He loves his brother and sisters and his face lights up when he sees them. We will be celebrating his party at the park in one week, I think i might have smoked some crack having his party after a big trip but oh well. The kiddos are doing great, they have been loving this weather outside and frankly I am also. I am going to a plastic surgeon for the crazy spot on my nose and am eager to get the results from that, i also have started getting up at the crack of dawn, today for instance after i fed Hayden at 415 I was up and could not fall asleep, so here i sit. I am a little freaked out about this swine flu thing, they had a confirmed case from a visitor in Disney, and I keep praying for us to stay illness free so please pray for us. Work apparently is overloaded with calls about the swine flu and the allergies flaring up, I could have made some big bucks this weekend at work but I'm sure there will always be time for that.

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Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday Big BOy you just get cuter everyday! Don't worry when you get home I am sure mommy will get you your own blackberry, LOL!

Laurie said...

Hard to believe!