Tuesday, March 25, 2008

its been awhile

oh my gosh is what you are thinking, I got the camera out, i was thinking the same thing. I have taken pictures but i just downloaded 116 of them tonight. I have been super lazy since we moved the computer downstairs, i was a compulsive email checker, now i am just a slacker. I hadn't checked my email in two days, and i had to remember to bring my memory card downstairs to get the pictures. Everything has been going well, Audrey had an ear infection last week and is still on antibiotics. Saturday Christain woke from his nap complaining of ear pain and was just sleepy and whiny, so around 5 i took him to Urgicare which two hours later they told us he has an ear infection and they aren't so sure the left tube is in anymore. WE got antibiotic ear drops which is a blast putting them in a window shattering screaming and kicking three year old when you are 32.5 weeks pregnant, the ear drops are twice a day, i do feel sorry for him b/c he says' You hurt my ear" poor baby. Emma has been fine knock on wood. I was excited that we received our deductible check from my husbands employer, it was a nice amount that i didnt' realize how much we payed out last year, yikes. thank God for health insurance. I finally got our taxes done which i still need to file the kids, we will be getting a refund. I was supposed to have them done last month but that got cancelled when Em was in the hopsital. We finally got the room painted, the crib and changing table ordered, and we put the stroller together last night. Hopefully six weeks from today if not before our baby boy will be here, need to schedule my csection when i see the dr next. No complications with this pregnancy,knock on wood, my blood pressure is awesome, i only have swelling if i work and am on my feet nonstop, and still not peeing my pants when i sneeze or cough. the only complaint is my heartburn that is fierce but luckily minimized with Zantac. Oh and here are the pics from Easter, the kids had fun and did three easter egg hunts, the last picutre is from a sunny day last week at the park. I love this top pic of the girls kissing Christian he had the strong belly laugh going.

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Stephanie said...

Love all the pictures Dana . Glad you aren't peeing when you sneeze oh and that you are feeling good too, he he! You kiddos are growing up so quick it is amazing!

Jennifer said...

Cute pics! I can tell Christian is doing his cute belly laugh! Glad to see you are back.