Wednesday, May 14, 2008

bath time

hayden hated his first bath, but the kiddos did too! life is good busy but good, Hayden is a good baby but a very hungry one, he eats alot! Chris gets up once during the night to give him a bottle of breast milk which is nice and so helpful, i do not feel as sleep deprived as i did with the triplets, gosh the days were foggy and my body just hurt b/c i was so tired, now i am just tired but the days are bearable. now our morning routine is a bit delayed and we will see how it goes tomorrow iwth getting out the door by 905 am for school, i have everything ready to go for the morning and i have my mom coming over just to help us get out the door. kids are doing great with Hayden they love him to death, i can not get enough of him and hold him pretty much nonstop, i didn't have the time to do that with the triplets, i think Chris thinks i am spoiling him but i don't. Chris does his male bonding at night and it is neat to see him bond with Hayden, i again was so tired that i really didn't see it in the beginning. oh well somebody is crying b/c he is hungry.
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Stephanie said...

Those baths are cold first they come out of a nice warm home to a cold one and then they have to get wet in this new cold home they had to come out too. Glad the adjustment is going good and you are getting some sleep. Good Luck Tomorrow!!

Jennifer said...

Good luck getting out the door tomorrow! He looks so tiny in that little bitty bathtub. Such a cutie he is!

Mom's monkeys said...

He is so cute. I can't wait to hold him.