Wednesday, May 28, 2008

reality sets in

so life with four kids is awesome but let me tell you i have a hard time keeping up with daily household chores, i can't seem to clean up from breakfast before ten and i'm lucky by then to be dressed, LOL. today was laundry day and luckily my mom came over to give me a hand, i emptied out the rest of the kids winter/cold weather clothes and pretty much packed away my maternity clothes. In between of crying and whining from the triplets, they were overtired and Hayden wanting to eat alot it was hard for two of us to get anything done, then somehow around 130 we started making headway. I think i need some help at least once a week for ahwile just until we adjust, Chris is great but i don' tl like seeing all the crap sit around until 10 pm since i like to be in bed by 930! I'm also frustrated that i am not in my regular clothes, it was different with the triplets but let me tell you Hayden is so worth it, between my porn star boobs and my widened hips it frustrates me but oh well i'm sure by next summer my last year summers' wadrobe will look like new. Then somehow i have lost my drivers license which makes it difficulty to cash checks or use my debit card that says check ID, so i guess off to the drivers facitly for me on Sat am. Besides getting lots of hugs and kisses today from the trio my moms good friend Jeanette cooked us a home cooked meal, chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes with gravy, peas, and home made brownies, yummy it was so good. I think Lindsey is bringing us dinner tomorrow so we have been spoiled this week! Tomorrow i am going to attempt to do a quick errand with all four tomorrow, i wonder when we will finally get out of the house. oh well off to pump so Chris can give him a feeding at 1030 so i get a little more rest, i am completely exhausted. Breastfeeding is going great, my only complaint is the little stinker likes to fall asleep and let me tell you he is difficult to wake back up. Good night.


Stephanie said...

The adjustment seems to take just as long as the pregnancy, some days it is like you will never get there and others you are so close you can feel it is going to click and then whamo nothing. If you need anything you better call!!

Mom's monkeys said...

Give me a break. 4 kids no problem. lol Just kidding hang in there you are doing great. I would make you dinner but I can't cook worth sh*t. See you soon. Playdate at my place as soon as the water goes down so the bug go away.