Monday, May 5, 2008

final countdown

today i took the kids to the park and they had so much fun, we haven't been in awhile b/c when the weather has been nice we have other things to do, i was bad and forgot the sunscreen so we have some red cheeks but othewise no harm done i think. The girls can pull themselves and hang on the monkey bars for a little while, i had a good pic of Emma doing that but stupid blogger. The kids were so good today, they listened and when it was time to go they didnt' fight at all. My mom came over for lunch then i headed out to get a babybook, some new Clinique makeup a treat for me, and some OPI nail polish so i could fix my toes from my pedicure on Saturday. somehow they got smudged, I called Pam S. and she came over this evening and redid my big toes so they wouldnt' be smudged, that was so nice and i appreciate it greatly. I can still reach my toes but i would have rushed and they would have looked like crap. I may not be blogging for a little while but check back for pictures.

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Goutham said...

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Amanda said...

Ok, Dana your getting SPAM now. Switch the settings on your blog...ASAP. Best of luck tomorrow we'll be thinking of you.

AmyWhit said...

Very adorable kiddos, Dana...and I saw on Amanda's blog that you have added one more to the bunch! Hayden is just as cute as his older siblings. Congratulations!