Tuesday, June 3, 2008

busy weekend

Last weekend was the Shriners parade on Friday night, so we sat with the Springers and the Reuss's. The kids loved the parade, i loved watching all the kids excitement during the parade, okay and the fact that i could drink a cold beer, Hayden slept through the parade. the first picture is of Lucas with the cotton candy bucket on his head and my kids laughing at him, the next picture is all the kids together, that was a hard picture to get with everyone looking. On Saturday after going to dinner with my mom Chris went to target and bought the kids fishing poles, Emma and Audrey got a Barbie one and christian got superman. Sunday we went to Diego animal rescue at the Fox and the kids loved it, then we came home and went fishing. Chris didnt have time to go buy worms so we used corn and it worked, i just thought he was out on a limb suggesting it but it worked, all the kids caught a fish and once the neighbor girl started playing with the kids they lost interest in fishing . We didn't get a pic of Audrey with her fish b/c it swallowed the hook and Chris was playing surgeon at the time while i was helping Emmma reel in her fish. Needless to say i don't like to fish, it was hot outside and i don't like getting the fish off the hooks, call me prissy if you will but i prefer fishing for good bargains at the mall! Today my aunt came over and now all the kids are napping, it is heaven, i wasn't going to let the t riplets nap but they were once again pissy and i think a nonstop weekend and just the humidity and heat outside is wearing them out. Off to attempt to get my workout in, i'm sure it won't last long. two more weeks and i can go to the gym.

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Stephanie said...

Wow those are whoppers you gonna have them for dinner tonight!!! Looks like the parade was fun I think I am still recouping from the mascoutah Parade last year!!!

Amanda said...

You are so much a cooler mom than me...fishing!? lol I wouldn't even think of it. From the looks they had a good time at it too.