Saturday, June 7, 2008

one month old

yesterday Hayden was one month old, i took this pic yesterday but was too tired last night to post it. My little man is becoming an infant instead of a newborn. He weighs 7lb7oz and is now 21 1.2 inches long. He stays awake for longer periods of time and is starting to focus on your eyes when you talk to him. He also LOVES to eat and eats frequently but often falls asleep while eating. I am not going to attempt to get him on a schedule until he turns six weeks since my i am still establishing my milk supply and breastfed babies can not overeat so Hayden rules his schedule right now. The kids love him still and everytime he cries Emma says i think he wants booby milk again. Last week I told her daddy went to feed Uncle John's dogs and she asked if they needed my booby milk too, uh i don't think so. Wednesday i took the kids swimming with steph and Maggie, they had a blast, it was nice to have one on triplet time. i am on the road to getting my figure back, i started weight watchers last week, and i have to eat a ton of food, which is great since i amalways hungry. i think i will get back to walking 5 days a week next week. life is still busy but as i am realizing the dishes and laundry will always be there my kiddos will not always be wanting me to play with them and think i am the worlds coolest person.
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Amanda said...

Wow, he looks like his big brother! I cannont believe he's already a month old. Oh the changes that happen in the first year.

Stephanie said...

Loves that momma juice!! He is getting so big he was just born he can't be a month already!!!