Monday, June 9, 2008

two days in a row

okay so i think we are starting to get some consistency in our routine, or else i am getting used to juggling my time. Today while Hayden was snoozing we went outside and played, i pushed the kids in their new big kid swings Emma is doing good at pumping her legs for a couple of minutes, but for right now i do have fun pushung them. tomorrow they start back to school, i think i actually am just going to hang out at home and enjoy one on one time with my new baby. i found out today that july 1 will be my first day back at work. i do enjoy staying at home but am finding it hard to ask chris for help since i am not working or pregnant. when i get back to work hopefully i can delegate a lot better.

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Stephanie said...

Awe doesn't that just stink to go back to work you know it is going to happen but come on it is nice to just think the world goes on and we can keep getting paid too. Cute pics love theone of Audrey eating that pretzel it looks yummy.

Jennifer said...

Love your kiddos! I want a slip-n-slide.LOL!