Sunday, June 8, 2008

the heat is on

wow we went from winter to summer, i think the high today is like 94 degrees and the humidity is killing. This am Chris blew up thier pool and they played outside for a couple of hours. Emma was laying on her towel most of the time i don't know why so that is why the first and last pics are of her. the middle is Audrey, i bought them spray bottles and let me tell you they love them and enteratins them for hours so buy your kids a spray bottle and watch them enjoy. Not much new here we went to a wine and jazz festival last night in downtown Belleville, it was pretty cool, luckily chris davis let me sample wine with him for free, i tired some wine that was 19% alcohol and it was so strong, i took one drink and i thought i can't drink this and breastfeed plus it was just gross. Tonight we are having shrimp on the grill it is our new fav, Chris gets this Weber sesasoning mango lime grill that is so good and he makes kabobs, great meal and low fat, then i think we will head to Dairyhaven in Caseyville for some yummy ice cream tonight. I am glad Chris is in a better mood b/c yesterday he was just a bear, ughh i think we were getting on each others last nerve. oh well teh kids are outside again on their slip and slide so back outside i go, they will be worn out tonight.

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Stephanie said...

Emma your cold monkey such cutie pictures of her. I will be buying anew squit bottle that is for sure!!