Wednesday, May 23, 2007

summer is almost here

not much new here, today i went to lunch at Chevy's at it was yummy, i had salad the same thing i always get when i am there and a ton of chips and salsa, then i made a beeline for Target for my hair dryer, diapers and two new swimsuits for the girls. i need to take Emma's back b/c it is too big, they are napping in them right now, hey whatever you want to wear to nap is fine with me, gets them out of my hair for awhile. LOL I finally decided on a pool to join, i was going to do Belleville Pool until i found out that the clientele kids aren't supervised at all, i am not prejudiced, and i hate certain words but i'm sorry if you don't watch your kids and they trample on mine, white, black whatever i am not putting up with it. I don't care what color you are as long as you take care of your property and watch your kiddos fine by me. I want my kids to grow up not judging somebody by their color, heck i didn't know what the n word was until i was in high school. so i talked to my friend Pam and we will be joining Westhaven which means that Chris will become an Elk member, thanks honey! Today at lunch somebody said "oh then you will be a lady elk, i sure hope at the initiation Chris and I can get matching elk heads to put above our bed, wouldn't that look great. Maybe we could even get hats. I figure we will go to the Y, then head off to the pool and i won't be running everywhere. Plus can you believe thet Belleville Pool doesn't open until noon, oh no nap time starts no later than 130.

so anyway my pictures, Christian woke up way before the girls yesterday and was really cheesing it up for pictures, usually he says no and looks the other way but i got some great photos, isnt he a doll, i am loving that dimple on his left cheek. the next picture they were all sitting in their "boat" thats what they called it , I was chatting with Steph so missed the good photo op when they were all happy, not sure why Audrey is crying but at least the picture turned out good.

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Stephanie said...

Cute pictures of kiddos. Those of Christian are awesome close ups he was hamming it up for sure. Taking after dad!! Sounds like you had a good day too.

Jennifer said...

Love the pics of Christian. Isn't it nice when they actually look happy to have their picture taken? Glad summertime is here. Gonna play in the sprinkler soon, maybe even get in the pool!!