Tuesday, May 8, 2007


it feels like summertime here in the midwest and it is only May 8 but i will take this versus 30 degree weather. This mornning we went to the gym and then we came home and played outside, the kids love this sand table i bought them it used to have water in it but all they would do is sit in the water and so now it is a sand table. emma loves this thing, she makes margaritas, okay she puts the sand in a cup and brings it to me, a girl can dream can't she, she makes cakes, pies, corn whatever. i love the second pic Emma is letting sand run through a cup with a hole in it and Christian thought it was hilarious. The last pic is of Audrey eating butter bread for breakfast, she asked for bread this morning with her cereal, and then she handed it back to me and said, "no i want butter on it" okay excusssssssssse me, so she just licked the butter off of it. Probaby if i would quit buying the Kashi kids cereal they would eat better in the morning but i am the sugar police again, so i compromised and gave them Honey Nut Cheerios, tomorrow i am going to buy some of the Newman O's that i like, they are organic and are very tasty, Chris says that is disgusting and why would anybody eat that but i find it funny that they magically disappeared one night.
oh what's that you want to know how my dreamy date went with Bud, it was awesome we will be getting together both nights this weekend, i saw him again today when i put the milk away but i resisted since i am going to work. the kids were much better today, there was a two year old that died, her brother accidentally backed over her,her brother was ten and got the dad's keys and backed over her. it is so tragic, i can't imagine the guilt that the brother and father are dealing with, just make sure to put your keys away. I can't imagine the loss of a child either but i pray that they find peace and nobody says anything idiotic like it, we all make bad decisions alot but i think we just get lucky. the dad had set his keys down in the garage and the ten year old picked them up. nobody's fault. ughh i cant' even imagine. so give your kids extra kisses today and thank God that they are here to drive you nuts, i'm sure those parents would give anything for a attitude, tantrum, colorings on the walls. okay enough bringing us down. off to shower for a fun filled evening at work, i can't wait to find out how much my raise is, maybe i can buy an extra cozy cup for my bottle of bud.

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Stephanie said...

It looks like you had a wonderful time today. That is awful about that child I don't know what I would do with myself. I like butter bread too used to eat it alot when I was much younger with dinner, I think it was a staple in my diet way back when. Don't spend your money on that we have tons o' cozies in the basement you can HAVE one!!

Amanda said...

Great pictures Dana. Looks like you had a fun and enjoyable day. Not the case here. We had another tantrum today at the park that was PACKED with probably 70 kids/parents or more. We left...almost killed the kid. Grrrrr.

Jennifer said...

Fun in the sun...Don't you love it? MMMM....butter bread, sounds yummy. Not on WW though!