Sunday, May 6, 2007

a family kind of day

not much new to report here, these pics aren't as good as yesterday but oh well. Christina loves ice cream and begs for it for breakfast, lunch and dinner, he is really digging it here. Chris is saying will you please stop, i wanted to pretend like Stephanie that i was the paparazzi! the next pic Emma was carrying around my Coach purse, ughh, and Audrey said Emma what's in your purse so they were looking at it. great somehow i deleted Christin's ice cream pic so i will repost later, better go help Chris do the mulch, he thinks i am in the bathroom b/c that is what i told him. hee hee.

check out my pics from yesterday.

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Jennifer said...

When I first read this post, I though who the heck is Christina? I figured it out though, TYPO!! Those girls and the Coach purse. Are they going to be just like their mama?

Amanda said...

Great paparrazi(sp?) pic! Love the one of both girls and your purse.

Stephanie said...

That couch purse picture is too cute, Emma looks like she is really looking for something in particular.