Wednesday, May 9, 2007

sisters and friends forever

i love these pictures of the girls in the car, Emma loves to drive her cozy coupe and Audrey came up to Emma and said "I am riding with you, move over Emma" the first pic Audrey said no pictures mom, then Audrey was asking Emma "Where are we going", and the third one is priceless with the expression on Audrey's face. The last picture is miss Emma looking down at Audrey from the top of the slide. Poor miss Audrey sounds like a barking seal again so we are doing breathing treatments frequently, i think it is her asthma it sounds like that reactive airway cough and not a sick cough. I know my kids and their coughs, trust me, i could be my own breathing treatment clinic.
today was MDO for the kids, i ran to Old Navy where i lucked out and then i went for a long walk in our neighborhood. My friend Cathy still has me a little freaked out worrying about her so i am glad she is feeling better but i am worrying that i can't reach her right now, hopefully sh just went to class and isn't passed out on her floor. I then hung out at home for two hours with no kids and watched TV other than noggin and read the newspaper without some little punk carrying it off.

Hopefully Audrey will have a good night, last night she woke up about every two hours coughing which then woke Emma up so neither girl had a great night of sleep, maybe when they are eight we will sleep so much better. Then today at MDO they said Audrey didnt' nap so i am hoping her night and ours is peaceful.

this weekend will be busy with the ladies night and then the Davis's on Saturday and then we are having dinner here on Mothers Day for our moms, guess i should get their gifts because i forgot to do it today. oh well i better get off of here.

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Amanda said...

OMG your girls are way too cute. They remind me of oh who are they in that's an old one. Their are twins in it...geez I can't think of it. Anyway, too cute love Audrey's face in the one. Your getting a glimpse of what they will be like in oh about 14 years when they start driving...LOL!

Stephanie said...

In the third picture Audrey reminds me of (when I thought about it, it sounds strange, but) Audrey Hepburn. It was strange to me because of their name. Anyway they are too cute.

Jennifer said...

The girls are too cute!! It's not very often that we get to see them in matching outfits. Adorable dresses!!