Monday, May 21, 2007

no pictures today

sorry guys, i havent' even touched my camera today. I"m kinda in a funk and dont' know why. I have to work tonight 3-11 and i did four loads of laundry that i need to finish folding and wash some dishes before work. I guess i could ask my mom to do it but then i would feel bad. This am we went to the gym, we got there a little later than i wanted but traffic in downtown Belleville has been nuts, not sure why. I got a raise at work and the evening shift differential is going up so my paychecks will be a little nicer, yeah! We wont' be doing much this weekend, i think i will see if my friend Melissa wants the crib she is borrowing set up on Saturday after her shower, still dont' know what to get her. It is her third baby and i want to get her something awesome, i probably should do something for her. oh well i better do my hair, my hairdryer broke and my hair was let to air dry and it is very scary. please give me any ideas!


Stephanie said...

Dana those blankets your kids have are awesome as are the bracelets that us mommies have. Or check out they always have unique things.

Amanda said...

Your a busy woman...looks like you deserve that raise! ;)

Jennifer said...

Give you help on what, YOUR HAIR??? LOL that's how I read it at first. Yay for the raise. It's about time those nuns do something for ya!!