Saturday, May 26, 2007

busy day

tonight after the shower we went to my moms house, well i met them there, Christian was laying on the floor being a goof and i snapped this picture, i thought it was cute.

the next picture is Melissa's belly, she brought me to my moms after the shower, she had seen some photos of preggo women doing this so i thought it was cute so i took a picture and this will go in the middle of her frame that i bought her.

not much exciting here, went to Soulard today with Steph which was nice without kids and we didn't even have alcohol, LOL, not having to keep an eye on darting kids is about as nice as a night with Bud, had Melissa's shower today which was nice, didn't get as good as photos as i would have liked but the lighting sucked and i was off to the side, oh well she had fun and the cake was delicious. Thank you tenth street bakery. off to go to bed, i am wiped.

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Jennifer said...

Christian is sooo sweet.

Stephanie said...

Cute Pictures...That picture is so adorable I am glad she liked her frame .