Friday, May 25, 2007

a great day

Pam was here today, hooray. so i finished my running, found a picture frame that i will redo for Melissa, it is so cute, i will post a picture of it when i'm done. I returned my shorts, i honestly could do some damage in Ann Taylor Loft, they have amazing clothes, while they are on the tad pricey side, their quality is amazing. I wanted to buy more stuff but i will wait till it goes on sale. I went to the gym with no kids and picked up Melissa's cake from 10th Street Bakery, i am a rockin friend! I work tonight so i better make this short and sweet, still need to eat lunch and i want to top off my tank of gas. this pic was taken the other day when the kiddos were walking around the house, i like that their backs are towards me.
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