Monday, May 7, 2007

a lesson in single parenting

okay the first two pics are of my friend Melissa kids Drew and Lia, i love Lia's expression because it fits her personality, she is so cute, and Drew just loves Christian, he is always calling him little man and playing with him. We went to Shiloh park again today and it was kinda hot, i dont' know if my eyes got sunburnt or if it is this crap that i have on them. I had some allergic reaction to my eye makeup remover and it looks funky. Anyway the next pictures aren't that great of quality but i love Audreys smile in it and the last pic was after our walk tonight and Christian was waving and jumping so i got him mid jump.
anyway my aunt is still in the hospital and Mondays just are bad b/c Chris has board meetings and then training so i got no relief at all today and i put the kids in bed at 740 because i coudlnt' take it any longer. Emma and Audrey were antaganizing each other and honestly i didn't even really care as long as they werent' bothering me. Emma who is my sweetie pie has gotten some three year old attitude somewhere and between her and Audrey's attitude i honestly wouldn't mind working full time this week. I seriously am going to have a date with Bud Light tonight. He is the perfect man, smooth, yummy and always makes you feel relaxed, hell i might even marry him one day. LOL I am counting down the days to my LADIES NIGHT, oh yes its ladies night what a night on Friday. isnt' that a song at least it won't be a darn Dora song about mixing chocolate from the tree. honestly how do i stay sane with triplets, and i'm not even on medicine.
am i wrong to think that bedtime was my favorite time of the day today? hope you all got a kick out of my ravings. oh and i complained about our service at Outback last night to the manager only because they charged us double, those damn heffers.
off to put ear plugs in, i am no longer responding to the word mommy for the next three hours, trust me you long for the day they can call for mommy but i hear it fifty thousand times a day. I should be counting my blessings that i have three beautiful children to call me mommy. Good night, now Bud is calling my name, gotta goo.....

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Stephanie said...

Sounds like the day was a typical monday for everyone hope tuesday ends up better.
It does sound like you had fun at the park but Dana I think you need to head to the dr or get some different eye makeup remover.

Jennifer said...

Sounds like we all had a bad day with the kiddos. I didn't even have Connor all day. He managed to ruin to pairs of tennis shoes by walking in mud. Now they are both in the washer, hope they come somewhat clean. I think I'm ready for a drink too...Maybe I'll just have icecream instead. Sorry for your bad day.

Amanda said...

LOL you had me cracking up. I totally feel the same way today. My kiddos have been sleeping since 4:30 when we came home, I think it's safe to say they are out for the night. God does truly answer prayers...that's all I can say.