Sunday, May 13, 2007

happy mothers day

so today we had my mom and my inlaws and nieces and nephews over for lunch, we had KFC and it was yummmy! i got to sleep in till 1030 which was a dream, the kids and Chris gave me or told me to find some photography classes and that was my gift, kinda sounds bad but i am excited. we had a great day yesterday Amanda and i went shopping and i got some cool stuff except the shorts i bought i need to exchange for a smaller size, yeah me! i think i just got lucky and their stuff runs a little big because i haven't lost any weight, and i'm not trying either. Congrats to Jen and Steph who are on Weight Watchers and doing great you guys are looking great! The first pic is one that Chris took of me and Emma, i have a thrille dlook on my face, and it looks like my daughter is naked which she isnt' but the dress that Chris put them in is a little big, not my choice but at least he got them dressed and they match. the second picture i guess Christian had to eat his foot, he still must be hungry from not eating lunch yesterday, Chris did you feed them breakfast today? No i think they were watching Laurie Berkner and he was eating his toes and hands. all in all we had a great mothers day, Chris is buying my patio furniture as we speak, and i may just have one more date with Bud this evening, anyone care to join? will post more pictures later, Audrey is crying. oops that is Emma

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Jennifer said...

Poor Christian, I think he is still hungry. Just give him some corn on the cob and ice cream for dessert!!

Stephanie said...

You look like you are listening intently to something. Love that sleeping in wish I could get some some day. Sounds like an awesome gift to me thank goodness he didn't pick one out that you didn't want to go to. Thanks for the congrats I know we have been trying really hard to be good weight watchers "girls"!!

Amanda said...

So Christian has resorted to eating his body parts now. If your hubby would have just fed them lunch that day. LOL He'll never live that down will he.

What a great gift too. You and Steph are going to surpass me with all your photo knowledge with all these classes. I might have to jump on the bandwagon. LOL