Tuesday, May 22, 2007

triplets adventure

well this morning was hard for me to get up, i worked last night, and was out taking care of moms this time with no help. I love taking care of adults again and i even got an IV on the first stick. I am pretty good at IV"S in babies but its been a long time since i stuck an adult. when i worked on the adult floor I used to be the one they would call if nobody could get an IV so i guess i have one skill. Anyway i just started taking care of adults again in the end of March but they left me with no other nurse, and i was thinking i'm screwed if i have a question b/c who in the heck will i ask? i did have questions but i figured them out on my own, my patients were good but they kept spiking fevers, then one started wheezing, then one said her legs were numb and so on, needless to say i was frustrated and i couldn't sleep well last night b/c the night kept playing through my head.
So at 9 we headed off to the gym where Sarah met me and then we came home and I got to see my friend Susie and her daughters that i used to be a mother's helper with 22 years ago, yikes i feel old. the girls graduated from college last week with Biology and Chemistry degrees both going into pre med and are taking the summer off to go to Las Vegas to stay with their sister. Go Staci and Cori! Then the pictures are from our daily walk to the lake we decided to take bread to feed the mama and baby ducks, but Christian ended up eating two slices of it, LOL. I have been letting the kiddos walk with me, it is about a half mile walk and they do good for the most part, and love seeing the ducks. Audrey was just staring at the male duck in this pic and i thought it was cute. The last picture Audrey was the leader and Emma was the follower but how cute is that? oh well i need to comb through my hair, i still haven't had a chance to get a new hairdryer. My mommes dinner is tonight and it is invite a friend or helper, Sarah is going with me, we are trying the Texas Roadhouse, i havent' been there yet. Tomorrow i am going to lunch with Wendy and her husband who just got back from Iraq, and some gals from work so two outings in two days, woohoo. oh well hope all you had a great day.

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Stephanie said...

Too cute hopefully you can swipe a nap this afternoon it is a good thing you hit the gym that usually gives you a boost for the day. You guys are super busy sounds like a packed summer has already started. Great photos they look like they are waving bye mom see you later.

Amanda said...

That last picture is so cute. I can only imagine what they were saying. That must be super cool for them to have a sister the same age. Well it probably is now maybe not in 12-14 years. lol

Jennifer said...

Cute pics. It looks like they are balancing on something. Follow the leader. Isn't it great? I must be out of it, I didn't know you were taking care of adults. You still care for the babies right?!?!?