Tuesday, May 15, 2007

a rainy day

i had big aspirations for today but big thoughts usually means no act. so this am i watched Drew and Lia, Drew is 4 and Lia is 2.5 along with my three we did have fun but it was busy. my plan was to go to the zoo after Drew and Lia left but there were storms in the forecast around 1pm so i didn't want to get over there and turn around and leave. So i attempted to nap which that backfired so i got nothing done just worked on a wonderful headache. Chris finally hung the picture in Christian's room i have been asking him to do for months, after we got into a fight over the stupid thing. Don't ask me where i want it if you already have a place for it, geesh.
onto my pics, this first one was taken on Sunday, i thought it was a cute picture, the color looked better on the camera but needless to say Audrey is pointing at Meddie. The second picture is my new favorite cereal, the kids love it also, only they eat it as a snack, I would be afraid to see their diapers if they ate it with milk, yikes. The last picture is of poor Meddie, he really took a beating today. Drew was fascinated by a cat that would hang around and pulled his tail, then my kids were getting in Meddies face so needless to say for the rest of the day any fingers that got within a 6 inch radius got nipped at, hey they were asking for it. Poor Christian is worse, it seems he is wheezing on and off constantly, his cough is absent which is odd for Christian, usually when he wheezes is a late sign that he is in trouble. Although he isn't using any accessory muscles to breathe or look like he is in any distress so i will watch him tomorrow. Oh well my goal is to be on the couch by now just vegging.

Amanda it was great seeing you this weekend, i forgot to give you those shoes so i will try and put them in the mail sometime this week. hope your trip back was uneventful.

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Jennifer said...

Cute picture of Audrey!! Meddie looks so peaceful. Wonder when Stephanie is going to post again. She's slackin'

Amanda said...

Lovin that pic of Audrey and Meddie too! You are becoming quite the photographer. Finally, I have 2 friends now that "get it!" LOL

Stephanie said...

Meddie looks exhausted!!! I have been in a picture slump but I plan on posting today eventhough the pics are from sunday.