Friday, August 1, 2008

a morning on the farm

On Wednesday morning we headed to my mom's friend jeanette's brother's house for some rides on horses, the kids were so excited especially audrey, for some reason she LOVES horses, but they all wanted to ride on the horses. so we get there and they were getting them ready to ride, Christian says "I don't like big animals, they scare me," WHAT? so he was a little hesitant and tearful until he saw how much fun the girls were having so then he got on with Sarah and thought it was great too. Hayden also got on the horse but for some reason i coudn't post the pic. Another funny story about Christian, last night me,Chris and the kids headed to the gym, CHris and i were finishing up our workouts when the child care lady came up to me, she said your son went to the bathroom and noticed a stain in his underwear and REFUSED to put them back on, so she got him to just put his pants on but he kept walking funny, so i go into the childcare room and christian says 'look' then proceeds to turn around and drop his pants, I could have died, I said, then the other teacher said he proceeded to smell his underwear, now at this point i am thinking i can never show my face in this gym again,, so we get in the car and i talk to Christian and say we don't smell our underwear b/c that is just gross, and he said "but mom,i didn't smell it I just sniffed it" ughhhhh yes it is gross but i still am laughing hilariously b/c it i am so embarrassed, i mean what should i tell the gym teacher we sniff our underwear to make sure it is clean, LOL, I am just kidding but why oh why did he have to smell it, is it b/c he is a man?
So yesterday i treat myself to a new pair of tennis shoes, this time i refuse to pay the money for Nike Shox b;/c i don't think they are any different and i am trying to be frugal i bought a pair for half the price and i wore them to the gym, i am going on with my workout, sweating my butt off and i am thinking, Hmmm my ankle is reallly hurting so i notice two HUGE blisters on my ankle, i have to stop my workout b/c even with the bandaid i just put on they are rubbing like heck, i wore ankle socks and i guess with those shoes i need above the ankle socks. Ugggh i can't work out today my old shoes really make my legs hurt b/'c i have worn them out, and there is no way until this blisters heal can i wear my new ones, i am bummed. so i will just do my squats, abs, and core stuff. It is a big weekend for us, my 15 class reunion is this weekend, it is just at a bar and then we ride in the parade on a float, i bought a black shirt to wear and it will be 98 freaking degrees, i need to pack some water, the guy in our class is in charge of a keg for the float but when it is that hot, beer isn't going to taste good. and tonight we will head up to the Mascoutah Homecoming for the kids to ride some rides, and see some people i haven't seen in ages, I LOVE the Mascoutah Homecoming, it is the one event of the summer i look forward to, that is where i went to highschool. tomorrow night we are going without kids since it will be so hot, last year it was miserable b/c of the heat. Also want to say congrats to Steph as she graduates tomorrow with her bachelor degree, you go girl you worked so hard for it. CONGRATULATIONS.

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Stephanie said...

Thanks Dana!! I am super excited! The kiddos look like they had fun love the story abotu the poop that sounds like maggie not wanting to put her panties back on if we are out somewhere. They are so weird sometimes. Sounds like the homecoming will be fun but super hot.

AmyWhit said...

Awww. Looks like an awesome time for the kids. I really like the last photo of the whole gang.