Saturday, August 16, 2008

my big kids

today i took the girls to a new salon that caters to kids, christian had his hair cut last week so he didnt go. they had special chairs that looked like jeeps or 4 wheelers and got to watch a movie while they got their hair cut. The girls wanted shorter hair so i agreed and we are growing thier bangs out but the lady showed me how to pull them back and still look cute. Emma looks a little possessed in the pic below. Christian and Hayden hung out with daddy and took a walk, i backed over the stroller wheel leaving b/c i was being nice getting the stroller out and in this new van that we got yesterday i am not used to it. In other news Hayden slept from 10-6 this am, my boobs hurt so bad when i woke up. so probably tonight he won't sleep good but that is okay he will eventually do it. He has made his own schedule with napping and that is fine it works for our family, when you have four kids you just go with the flow. Hayden is a total MOMMAS boy, just like his brother was. He LOVES to be held and if somebody is holding him other than me and sees me he cries until i hold him. He giggles out loud and is fascinated with the kiddos, he loves to watch them.
I hope our van is fixed Monday b/c this van they gave us a loaner, it doesn't have power doors, no i am not a snob but i keep leaving the doors open b/c you have to pull it shut, the other ones you tug on and they close so at target yesterday i left one open. oh well.
I am out of my funk that i was in, i realized i don't have alot of time to worry about feeling isolated that there are more important things to worry about (such as closing the doors LOL) and i willl just try and go with the flow. oh well need to feed Hayden and get ready to go out.
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Amanda said...

Such big girls and their hair looks fab. Hope you get your
van fixed soon. I would totally
forget to shut the doors as well.
It's just a convienence that well
is very hard to live without once
you have it.

Jennifer said...

Great do's on the girls! I thought you got a new van at the beginning of the post.

Stephanie said...

Those haircuts are super cute. Glad he slept so good for you Maggie wasn't much of a schedule girl either just a general vacinity kind of gal and I like that, they seem to sleep anywhere when they are like that, they don't have to be in their bed...

Laurie said...

sooo cute!!! The triplets will be 4 this month, right? Wow, I love the haircuts! Is it sad that Kaelyn got her first haircut ever last month? :)
Glad Hayden's a good sleeper, Liam's still up in the air every night!