Thursday, August 14, 2008

family day

yesterday Chris took off from work and we headed to the zoo, we are very lucky to have some great weather for the last week, highs of 83 with no humididty, woohoo. we stayed at the zoo for a couple of hours then headed to the boathouse for lunch to meet Aunt Cathy. For those of you who don't know what the boathouse is it is a restaurant in Forest Park that has outside seating, you can rent kayak's, paddleboats or rowboats and has an awesome atmosphere. We sat outside the food was pretty good, it would be even better on a Friday evening without kids while enjoying some bud light limes (my new drink of choice). I think i may try and con the Springers and the Reuss for an evening out, i'm sure i wont' have to twist their arm too hard, LOL. I have been busy the past couple of days, I finally called and got a baptism day for Hayden, I am going to have it the morning of the kids party and then just celebrate both in one day, one less party for me to plan and get ready for. I LOVE having four kids although I am busier than i ever imagined i would be. It seems as though lately i have felt isolated like we felt after the triplets were born. I have has some free time to myself and Tuesday night i went out with Pam and Lindsey which was also fun.
My van once again is having lights on that shouldn't be so we are stuck at home this am, no workouts today so today i wont' be exercising which is probably good since my right knee is really hurting. after i get dressed and Hayden goes down for a nap i am going to take the kids outside and play soccer, they lately have liked kicking their soccer ball around so i will play soccer with them. My MIL is coming today so i can work on my sale stuff again and tonight i work again, i guess i smoked crack when i volunteered for these hours. a funny story from last night christian told Christian to move it when he was walking to the table for supper, then Christian started singing "i like to move it,move it." silly kid.

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Stephanie said...

Very cute pics Dana. I hate that isolated feeling and felt that quite a bit this past year with being so darn busy. We will have to plan more things together.. We were atlking about once a month picking a restuarant and planning a dinner out with just friends... like a sat night and rotate which family makes the plans.

Jennifer said...

We take you up on an evening out any day! Cute pics.