Wednesday, September 19, 2007

more vacation pics

okay Chris got the cute idea to bury the kids in the sand so here is the best attempt at my picture, it was overcast and just chilly. the second pic is of my Emma who i will tell a story about later during her bday celebration with Aunt Pam.

today i stayed home all day, i really wanted to get to the gym but i put my big girl panties on and got alot of stuff done around the house. i sorted throught the summer stuff that was getting too small and got out their winter and fall stuff to see what i had. so i also thought what the heck i will try potty training Emma today, this morning she peed a couple drops and then got up and peed all over. When she got up from her nap completely dry i just let her run in underwear and the girl peed three drops and then the lightbulb moment clicked in and she got it, the rest of the day she went potty by herself, early evening we went outside and she ran inside saying "i have to go pee", she loves those mini oreo cookies as rewards so whatever she wants she gets. Tonight after being asleep for a bit she woke up to go pee. there is really something to be said for waiting when they get close to three, that lightbulb moment is there. now christian may be another story, i will wait until Emma has been done for awhile and then work on him, he pees on the potty occasionally but who has time to watch for cues when you have three. Chris was so nice and had such nice words for me and even made the cupcakes to take to the kids school tomorrow, so i better go get them out of the oven. He even let me go for a 45 minute walk this evening by myself, absoulte heaven, i rather have gone to the gym to get my cardio, stregnth and abs in but hey my time is limited.
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Jennifer said...

Awww...looks like the kiddos had fun in the sand. I just can't believe they will be three.

Amanda said...

Oh Dana that photo of them in the sand is ADORABLE! Emma doesn't look to sure about that cake though.

GO Emma! You made your Mommy SO PROUD today! Keep up the good work girl!

Stephanie said...

Love the sand photo. Great job on the potty Em! Keep up the great work. Can't wait to come hang out saturday.