Monday, September 17, 2007

some vacation photos

okay i havent' even really edited any photos yet from vacation, i am still trying to get back in the swing of things. My goal was to go to the gym today but i didnt' get there, i did however take the kids on a walk. this am we went to Sams to get some errands done for their upcoming parties, i ordered their cupcakes, got some Capri Sun and water, and decided to do little cesars pizza for everyone. Then i went to the grocery store, our cabinets were bare. For those of you who did not know we spent ten days in Cape Cod, they were great but i am so glad to be back home, travelling with three almost three three year olds is something to be desired, the layover is what was bad. The kids did good on the trip, they took 2-3hour naps everyday but were up at 6am East Coast time which is our 5am time. yikes. At least they slept till 7 today.
I also the day before my vacation found out i have a staph infection from where my mole was removed, it kept getting infected and he did a wound culture, which the dr and i joked that it would be a staph infection but we both honestly didnt' think that was the culprit. Needless to say i was on my third round of antibiotics and felt nauseaus and sick to my stomcah alot, I think i am better although at times i do feel like i have a temp so i really need to watch it and probably call the dr in the next two days. If this antibiotic doesn't do it we go for IV antibiotics.
we did go on a whale watching tour in Provincetown, the hurricane that was on the atlantic provided for awful choppy ocean water where i got sever motion sickness and lucklily didn't puke, Chris who never gets motion sickness even thought he was going to get sick. Some lady said if that would have been her first time she would never go back. The rest of Sunday after the whale watching cruise was kinda bad, everybody felt like crap and it was raining so the day was kind of mopey. oh well i need to start gettting ready for bed and apparently Christian is needing something at this time.

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Stephanie said...

Those pics are cute of the kiddos. Love the house and the beach. At least it wasn't crappy the whole time you were there.

AmyWhit said...

wow. Great photos. The sunset is incredible, and the house is beautiful too. I love the pic of one of your girls in the red hood. I couldn't resist playing with it in photoshop. She's gorgeous and you caught some awesome catchlights in her eyes. Good job, mom!

Amanda said...

Great pictures girl! Glad your home I missed your pictures and the musings of your triplet brood. LOL

Oh if you still need help with some photos email them to me in their original size if you can. I'll see what I can do.

One that I would LOVE to play with is one you put on snapfish...the one with the buoys all over the front of that building. It was the close up of that one done at an angle...LOVE that one just want to make those colors POP!

Jennifer said...

Love them all. We missed you and are glad your back home to chat with!