Monday, September 22, 2008

Hayden's baptism

here are a few pics from Sunday, it was a busy day as we had the baptism and then the triplets 4th bday party. These pics are courtesy of Steph, she will be more than happy to take any pics for you as long as you give her daughter a gallon of ice cream, LOL. i love the second picture, Hayden loves to flirt with Stephanie, she always can get a smile out of him. Hayden's outfit i LOVED but it was shedding big time, you notice Chris has his coat on well after the family pic we all looked down and it looked like Meddie the cat layed on his jacket. Fuzz was every where, stay tuned for pics tomorrow of the party. All i have to say is the obstacle course was a BLAST and i want it for next year. so tired off to bed.

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Jennifer said...

Hope your kids were good in church, since Chris warned them. Love the pics.

Laurie said...

congratulations and happy b-day for the kiddos! both of my kids were walking for their baptisms and it was tough to corral them. Luckily at Liam's my folks watched Kaelyn, but at hers, she ran all over the church!

Amanda said...

Awesome pictures!Y'all look pretty good when you clean up. lol