Saturday, September 27, 2008

ughh in a dither

so last week was the car seat check, we found out that our car seats are good for 40lb/40 inches. Christian weighs in at 33lb 38 inches, Audrey 28lbs 39inches, and Emma 31lbs 39.5 inches so we are getting close to needing new car seats. The car seat guy that i work with suggested high back boosters but if you all have watched the Kyle Miller video that came out about 1-2 years ago i don't think so. A family that i know of has a severly brain injured little boy from an accident back in May and i wonder if he had been in a 5pt harness what would have happened. If you read safety reviews which is what i have been doing all afternoon they say the belt positioning boosters dont alwasy hit them where it should and in the event of a crash... well anyway so now i am checking out the Britax regent, pretty costly at 249.99 free shipping though, and Hayden's next seat will also be a Britax. Now if you all remember we had to get the new van to accomodate 4 tethered seats so i am thinking i will win with my hubby on this issue, he usually is anal retentive about car seat safety which i am also but geez 750 dollars on car seats not to mention Hayden's will be about 280, yikes but weigh that with if the event of an accident would we always be wondering what would have happened. I just figure you want what is best for your child and i will spend money on other stuff but why will i be a cheap skate when it comes to their safety? edited to add this is a not a judgemental thing on anybody that already has their kiddos in a booster.


Amanda said...

They have a 5 point harness high back booster up to 65 lbs that converts to a booster by Graco. It's only 150.00 at Walmart. It is also steel reinforced like the Britax and is comparable to it I've heard. Here is the link

Stephanie said...

That video was stracking and one I will never forget as for the little man you are refering to I pray for him daily hoping he will be a miracle and back in school by next year.