Monday, January 7, 2008

i'm back

so its been awhile, Christmas was nuts, i was sick and just the fun and excitement of Christmas made me such a slacker. I still checked my emails, i haven't downloaded any pics yet except for these few, that is my small goal tonight. today was awesome outside we went to the zoo where the kids walked most of the day and they did great,they had a blast, no nap of course which made 3pm till 715 pm a little trying on patience but they are in bed and hopefully out. I will be there soon also i am whipped. not much new here we had a great holiday, so much to be thankful for such as a our health, our family with the new addition coming in four months, and the overload of toys that has made me weed through the old toys every night. I think that is why everybody vows to organize the as their new years resolution b/c you get bombarded at Christmas. My new years resolutions are to get organized and to just be more green, i do recycle 60% of the time but i just feel that this is one resolution i can stick to. now i am not saying i am not going to buy water bottles, go braless, or just be a tree hugger but i am going to be better to our enviroment such as no deoderant (okay just a little funy), unplugging things when not in use is a big thing and trying not to get in the car just to get out of the house, stuff like that.

so here are our pictures, the first is from their Christmas play funny how they knew all the words to the songs, Emma sang but Audrey and Christain just put their hands in their mouth and then proceeded to get into a pushing match during the last song, all we could do was just laugh b/c none of the teachers saw it but it could have been like dominoes falling if they would have shoved hard enough. Audrey did start it by tapping on Christian's head, then he just let her have it. the next picture is Christian saying "i love you mommy", the next is when Santa came to our house Christmas Eve, that was cute,and the last picture is me at almost 22 weeks on Wednesday. bad pic but i always forget to have Chris take one.

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Jennifer said...

Yay!!! Glad to see you're back. Love seeing your pictures, even though we have been seeing you guys more. I just can't get enough. Love all the pics.

Stephanie said...

Love the pics look great by the way. I agree with the weeding of the toys it is just insane the amount of stuff they get.

Amanda said...

Glad your back and I hope you keep posting pics. You look so good and you have an itty bitty cute! Have fun weeding through the toys...I myself have been putting it off.