Tuesday, January 8, 2008

remember when

today's weather has just been dreary outside, we were teased with a beautiful day yesterday and today we are back to dreay Jan weather, the temp wasnt' bad but the sun wasn't out either. The kids started their swim lessons today and i have to say they listened very well and took turns very well, of course since they are always perfect in public, (hope lightning doesn't strike while i am typing) i am not surprised. I do have to say my kids are very good at taking turns, i think b/c they are multiples. Emma is a fish in the water i need not say more, Audrey and christian were scared and held onto the teacher for dear life. We went to the gym at 9 so i could workout and shower and then get them ready for their 1045 swim lessons, well after swim lessons i have to get them changed again and had to blowdry all of thier hair b/c you can't go outside with a wet head, uggh we didn't leave until 1150. Needless to say i was exhausted and so were the kids, Emma fell asleep on the way home which is very strange. Next week i think i will sit outside and watch, i sat inside today and it was a sauna in there, heck i may even shower at that point. I also got more stuff ready for my MOMMES sale for March as i am slowly cleaning out the closet to make room for baby stuff. Tomorrow is a DR's appt and the big ultrasound although i'm pretty sure it is a boy so pray that everything looks good with this little bean. We are agreeing on some names finally but we wont' announce that till he is here, have to have an element of surprise. oh this was the view from our house this Sept in Cape Cod, i pretend it is the view out my back window.
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Stephanie said...

I am trying to picture that out my back window too as my child is calling me from her bed gotta love a crib...Glad the swim lesson went well hopefully you have a weeks of wonderful tuesday naps.

Amanda said...

Damn girl I thought you were gonna say that was the view from your *NEW* beachfront home that you paid CASH for. LOL ;)