Wednesday, January 30, 2008

still bad

okay i just realized that i didnt' take any pictures today, i however did go to the gym, did at least 4 complete loads of laundry that included putting it away, packed the kids completely except medicines, organized my closet, ordered the stuff for baby boy's room from uppercase living, and finally got around to calling Amanda, well we did get to talk but it did involve screaming children on both ends, why do they do everything to get your attention on the phone.
Tonight Chris, I and the kids headed off to the mall to get Chris some new shoes, i also got a new pair of Nike black Mary Jane tennis shoes, i love them and hope they will be great for Florida. anyway i am off to read some more about this meal plan for Disney so i am not completely uneducated, there are people out there who have everything planned out for their trip but it is hard for us to do with three three year olds. I will attempt to take pics tomorrow, maybe i will do a belly shot again, it finally has popped and i feel huge already. Yes i was pregnant with triplets but that was almost four years ago and i don't remember what i felt like. This little bambino is moving like crazy, yesterday when they had the monitor on me I swear he was doing tae bo, now he is just kicking away at my bladder that i obviously need to empty. note to self work on kegels.


Stephanie said...

sounds like a productive day I went and got a new bra ugh what a pain of course I tried about 20 on and finally had to ask for help low and behold it only took her 3... sorry i didn't notice that you called i thought the flash was me mom she had called my phone and the house she said.. I will catch up with you tomorrow

Jennifer said...

Can you come over and help me with my mess of a house? That nesting instinct is really kicking in!