Tuesday, January 29, 2008

dusty camera

so i havent' taken the camera out of the bag since the 12th, and my memory card is still in the computer, i have been a little busy trying to organize all my pictures from July into my photo albums, i figure since we leave on our trip soon i need to organize all the old pics so when the new ones come i won't be bombarded so that is what i have been doing in my endless spare time. I will attempt to take at least one picture tomorrow.
This am i went to the L&D b/c i hadnt' felt the baby move since 2pm yesterday, i tried chugging 2 liters of water, and ate a whole bunch of skittles, and even jiggled my belly and that kid still wouldn't move. so Sarah came over and i headed to the hosptial where on driving there the little stinker decided to then start kicking my cervix and bladder, good thing he is inside b/c i would have beat his little butt for scaring me. Uggh i think also i have just been trying to get so much done lately that i am so busy and don't really notice him moving as much. things will slow down a little after this trip. otherwise i am feeling great, i am still exercising 5 times a week and am debating on walking in the 5 mile ST. Patty's day race, i have tried to train and run in the past but due to my knee injury over ten years ago running is not my thing. I think i have Sarah talked into walking it with me of course with my dr's approval, i will let time tell but at this rate i feel good about it, although i think i will be 32 weeks preggo at the time so we will see.
oh well i promise pics tomorrow, they may just be of who knows what but i need the practice again. off to get ready for work.

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Stephanie said...

SOunds like a busy little bee that is NESTING!!! Although those two really don't go together. Glad you and BB Tell are doing good, you scared me this morning. I would love to Join you for the race but...I have SCHOOL and a wedding that day. Maybe next year we can all train together and race hehe