Friday, August 10, 2007

not for the weak stomach

so here is my little problem, it hurts bad and is infected, i will find out on Monday if they will have to reopen my wound. I am on antibiotics that make my stomach cramp bad. sorry if you have a weak stomach but i thought i would share my battle wound.

Emma is doing better, her cough is much looser but she still is running a low grade temp, i hope she naps well today she really needs it. I am waiting to see if they are going to call me into work, i sure hope not, i need a relaxing break. well i need to get more stuff done. i am officially done with my mommes resell it sale stuff, woohoo!
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dana said...

for some reason it is not showing up. oh well it looks icky anyway!

Stephanie said...

Yucky that looks like it hurts something fierce...I hope Emma naps well too.

AmyWhit said...

Ouch! That does look like it's painful. I hope the antibiotics start working for you!