Monday, August 27, 2007

stupid blogger

so it didn't post the picture of Lexie but here it is, the next photos are of Emma and Christian holding hands while the triplets were opening gifts, i'm not sure if they thought they were in the pagents where the final contestants wait to see who wins and holds hands or what they were doing. they probably were getting ready to beat one another up after this pic. the next pic is Emma in her tiara, and the last picture is Christian being goofy. check below for more pics.

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AmyWhit said...

whew! You are a very busy woman. It makes me tired just reading your blog! LOL. Love all of the pics, especially the pool shots!

Amanda said...

Oh how I wish our pool was open still. We'd be there everyday for sure. Love that picture of Lexi...she's a beautiful little girl.

Jennifer said...

Lexi is such a cutie!! Oh, and so are yout kiddos.