Thursday, August 23, 2007


here is my photo challenge for the week, which is on Faith and let me tell you i have a strong sense of faith. I had so much faith that God would bless me with one miracle that in fact God had so much faith in me that he gave me three miracles. The pregnancy was hard and it was a miracle my babies weighed and were fairlyl healthy. Faith is having triplets and staying sane. My faith in God is stronger and my faith in myself and my marriage is also stronger. These three kids have helped me become a better person, and taught me that you can't always expect your plans to go like you want them to go. I have been blessed with three times the hugs, kisses, memories and smiling faces that are so excited to see me when i come home. (three times the tantrums also LOL)

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Stephanie said...

Faith and Lots of Love will see you through anything!!

Amanda said...

Isn't it amazing that God had FAITH in YOU to take care of such beautiful little children. :)

AmyWhit said...

A miracle, indeed. Beautiful children. Aren't the first and last pics of them on the scales the same one? Which one is the heavy weight in the middle?! Is that Christian?