Sunday, August 19, 2007

no pics today

today has been busy, i went grocery shopping this am for my dinner that i am hosting at my house tomorrow night for my fellow triplet moms. I am nervous b/c being the hostess is stressful just with making sure everything is all in order. My cleaning lady is coming four days early so my house will be clean. The kids are staying at my moms since Chris has training. The pictures from Friday turned out so awesome, i ended up spending 180 dollars on pictures b/c i couldnt' decide. The staff was fantastic, we werent' rushed at all and they really got the kids to open up. I will have to take pictures of the pictures, hee hee. oh well i need to clean up the computer room. Won't post until Tuesday most likely.


Jennifer said...

Have fun at your dinner tomorrow. If it is still hot this week, maybe you and the kids can come over to swim in the evening. We could get an hour or to in and not have to worry about the sun beating down on us. I just wasn't up to doing anything today...after I made all those meals.

Amanda said...

So glad the kids cooperated for you. Sometimes spur of the moment decisions with low expectations are the BEST. Can't wait to see how they turned out. Hope your dinner went well too.

Stephanie said...

You will be a fine hostess. I can't wait to see those pictures. I will have to try it out. You know I got to thinking 180 isn't so bad I spent 112 on one at 6 months. Hope your dinner goes well.